3 Forklift Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

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Depending on the mode of operation of the forklifts, this equipment can be divided into manual forklifts and electric forklifts. The maintenance costs of a manual forklift are low, recommending its use in workshops or commercial spaces that do not involve transporting heavy loads. On the other hand, the maintenance costs of an electric forklift are higher and involve downtime for charging the batteries.

Here are 3 forklift maintenance tips to save you money:

Train your operators.

A forklift operator who is not fully competent can cause accidents and damage to the racks, buildings and people. This is why you must train your operators properly, which will ensure that they get familiar with the equipment, and also know what to do when the forklift is not operating in prime condition. Look at http://www.preferredequipmentco.com/ for valued forklift training opportunities.

Complete your daily check-ups

Forklift drivers must inspect the trucks prior to their shift, just to ensure that they can be used safely. The daily inspection must not be neglected and includes tires, oils, water and safety items (mirrors, seatbelt, rating plate). This way, you ensure top performance as well safety of your employees.

Schedule a professional maintenance plan

You must find a certified expert and add a scheduled preventative maintenance plan to the entire forklift fleet you own.


How to Get a Fabulous Used Forklift in Denver on a Tight Budget

used forklifts Denver

Forklifts come in many shapes and sizes, and the newer ones are pretty expensive. If your company is on a tight budget, or you just don’t want to invest too much at the moment, there are ways to maximize the practical quality of the forklift you’re buying without spending a lot of money at the same time.

The first thing you need to do is to determine what type and brand of forklift you require. For that purpose, make sure you know:

  • The best brands in terms of durability;
  • The weight that your forklift will be expected to lift;
  • The maximum height your forklift will have to reach;
  • Whether you’ll be using it indoor or outdoor.

Once you’ve established these details, you can start calling forklift dealers and various other sellers in Denver, that might be willing to part with their used forklifts for a smaller price. You can inquire at equipment dealerships, forklift rental and lease companies as well as local businesses that recently bought a new forklift and are looking to get rid of their old ones.

In this day and age, with a basic online used forklifts Denver search and a few quick phone calls, you’ll find you can already start looking forward to buying an excellent used forklift in Denver at a great price.


The Most Important Advantages of Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a system for material handling and warehouse storage that stores materials and products on pallets organized on horizontal rows, in multiple levels. The pallets are usually handled with the help of forklifts or with other types of motorized lifting equipment. The method has lots of great benefits for any warehouse – here are some:

  • Maximized usage of square footage – pallet racking allows you to store pallets vertically, too, the method being preferred for offering maximized usage of the available space;
  • Quick access to products – whether your warehouse uses a first in, first out system, a last in first out system or any other ordering and inventory control method, pallet racking makes pallets easy to access throughout the warehouse;
  • Warehouse safety – the racks used by pallet racking systems are usually custom-made to meet the specific needs of the client’s warehouse, therefore the racking systems provided ensure the highest level of safety while moving pallets;
  • Improved profit – pallet racking systems ensure accurate, up-to-date information regarding the inventory, therefore they make reordering and finding other efficient customer service solutions easier and more efficient. Pallet racking also makes the work of the warehouse staff more efficient by reducing the time that staff members spend finding the product they need to take from the warehouse.

There are many businesses that can benefit with your unused warehouse equipment. If you are looking to sell pallet racking, call Preferred Equipment for competitive pricing.

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What Equipment do you Need to Set up a Warehouse

finding inexpensive used shelving Denver options are a great way to keep expenses lower when setting up a warehouse

Warehouses are primarily about storage. They can be very diverse, ranging from small stocking rooms to large storage areas for big businesses. Warehouses also differ in terms of functionality, so the type of equipment needed can also be quite different.

Here are a few general categories of equipment you should consider when setting up your warehouse:

Storage Systems

  • Pallet Racks
  • Storage systems for inventory placed on pallets
  • Cantilever Racks
  • Flow Racks
  • Additional specialty racks
  • The best way to keep storage system expenses lower, is to look for inexpensive used shelving Denver options online.

Lift Equipment

  • Forklifts
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Hand trucks
  • Service Carts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Additional lifting and transporting equipment for inventory and employees

Dock Equipment

  • Dock Plates & Dock Boards
  • Edge-of-Dock Levelers
  • Yard Ramps
  • Dump Hoppers
  • Additional equipment for better loading dock capabilities


  • Flexible Conveyor
  • Gravity Conveyor
  • Power Conveyor
  • Lifts & Carousels

Facility Accessories

  • In-Plant Offices
  • Mezzanines
  • Rolling Ladders
  • Security Cages
  • Additional equipment to improve your warehouse

Bins & Containers

  • Bins
  • Bulk Boxes
  • Totes
  • Wire Mesh Baskets

Packaging Equipment

  • Industrial Scales
  • Strapping & Banding Equipment
  • Stretch Wrap Machines
  • Packing Tables
  • Additional equipment for getting products ready to be shipped

There is much more warehouse equipment than what we have mentioned here, but these are just some general suggestions that can drive some force behind your business.



Where to Find Warehouse Shelving

At the base of the proper functioning of the warehouse, there is the optimal storage of the products, the existence of places properly equipped for making orders, as well as of a loading/ unloading area. For organizing the storage of the products in different areas of a warehouse, there are different types of shelves (typically metallic), with different designs and features that support different weights in each section or level of storage.

Nowadays, warehouse shelves can be designed according to the size of warehouses, stores, archives, manufacturing centers and logistics and most of them have adjustable features to meet different storage needs.

rack removal technicians

Such storage shelves can be purchased directly from manufacturers, as well as online or second hand, from different sellers who can offer you assistance, warranties as well as affordable prices. If you buy from a liquidating warehouse, you may need to hire rack removal technicians to dismantle and deliver these cost effective racking systems to the new location. However, before making a purchase, it is advisable to make sure that the shelves have high quality characteristics and fully meet the standard requirements. It is necessary to choose the right products, durable and able to support different weights, depending on the specific storage.

Wherever you purchase them from, make sure you receive the help you need with their configuration, layout assistance to design your warehouse so that your space is optimized, as well as fast shipping.


How Pallet Racking can Help Increase Warehouse Productivity

used shelving Denver

Pallet racks are among the most used types of shelves in the field of warehousing, and this because they offer many benefits that increase warehouse productivity.

Sustainability is the most important advantage pallet racking brings and it also translates into financial savings. In order to enjoy this benefit, it is important to purchase high-quality shelves directly from manufacturers, because there are also many counterfeit products available on the market and one can never be sure of their quality. Another cost effective idea is to find affordable used shelving Denver liquidation warehouse equipment sales.

The more efficient use of the available storage space is another advantage offered by the use of pallet shelves. This is due to the fact that more space is used vertically, which means that this type of shelving really shows its usefulness in a warehouse where the storage area is not too large.

The adaptability of pallet racking is another advantage that you will enjoy if you choose to purchase this type of shelves for your warehouse, and it refers to the fact that the dimensions of the pallet shelves can be changed according to different needs.

Not least, the quality-price ratio cannot be ignored, which is another reason why pallet racking is a great choice.


How Can New Industrial Shelving Products Really Help Your Business?

Preferred Equipment


Industrial shelving can really help your business take off, and most experts will likely agree on that, if you ask them. However, it’s also important to understand why industrial shelving is so important in the first place. That way, you can have all the information you need in order to make the right decision regarding when to buy your new shelving and exactly how much you might be willing to spend on it.

One of the first things that quality industrial shelving from Preferred Equipment Company has to offer is durability and resilience. Depending on the weight and size of the products you are keeping on your shelves, you’ll have to make sure that the shelves won’t crumble under the large weight and that your products won’t be destroyed – or worse, your workers injured.

Once you know exactly how much weight they have to support, you can buy the right type of shelving and determine whether you will need to use special ladders and forklifts in order to manage and access the shelves.

Finally, new industrial shelving will also provide you, your business partners and your clients with the peace of mind that all the products stored in your warehouses are completely safe, well-organized and easy to access. So there won’t be any risk of something going wrong while you load and unload products on even your tallest shelves.

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