What Can You Expect of a Warehouse Service Company

Warehousing is an essential component of the logistics process in any company that maneuvers large quantities of goods. While some companies choose to handle the entire process on their own, any firms outsource the process to a warehouse service company – here is what you can expect of these service providers:

  • Pick and pack – one of the services offered by these companies is the reception of truckloads or trainloads on behalf of their client, disassembling the cargo, repackaging the items for specific destinations and labeling packages;

warehouse rack removal

  • Warehouse design – as warehouse operations specialists, services may include installing pallet racks, equipment placement, training, or initiating tear down rack removal as needed.
  • Sub-assembly – many warehouse services undertake simple sub-assembly work on behalf of their clients. The sub-assembly is usually just a part of procedures handled by the warehouse company, the complete process usually includes the packaging, the labeling and the shipping of the sub-assembled goods;
  • Space for a vendor-managed inventory – vendor-managed inventory is a business model in which the supplier maintains an inventory of certain products based on the instructions received from a major client, so that the client have access to those important products at all time. Many suppliers turn to warehouse service companies for providing the dedicated space necessary for such inventory and might also use the warehouse service for managing the client’s orders.

Simple Ways to Save Money on Warehouse Storage

One of the most important goals of logistic companies worldwide, in addition to increasing performance and attracting new customers, is to reduce warehousing expenses. And how could this be achieved without the automation and computerization of all existing processes in the warehouse?

warehouse management

With the help of a warehouse management solution, logistic companies can pursue several objectives:

  • Reduction reception / delivery time and related services
  • Reducing the number of errors
  • Making the most of the available storage space
  • Route optimization
  • Optimizing the activity of the personnel in the warehouse

To optimize the reception process, there are bar codes, handheld devices and the WMS system which will automatically retrieve the information contained in the bar codes about the received goods. In this way, the reception time is reduced and so are the possible human errors that can occur during the manual receptions. All these generate savings.

Once arrived in the warehouse, the merchandise must be arranged so that the employees can find it anything they need when preparing the orders. WMS (Warehouse Management System) creates and controls the workflows within the warehouse. In this way, storage costs are reduced because the WMS offers solutions for efficient use of space, suggesting available cells or rows and calculating the best storage ways based on user input data.

Preferred Equipment Company professionals can help you create the best warehouse management system to fit your business model and budget.