How Do You Choose a Pallet Racking Product for Your Warehouse?

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The two main types of pallet racks are structural and roll form pallet racks. These two systems are most commonly in use today, and depending on the specific requirements you have for your racks, you could choose either one of them.

Structural racks are typically sturdier. As the name suggests, the horizontal beams are actually structurally attached to the structure through the use of strong bolts. Bolt fixings still allow for some measure of control over the weight bearing capabilities and the adjustability of the shelving, even if it doesn’t come up to par with that of a roll form pallet rack system.

Roll form pallet racks Denver Colorado providers confirm that these systems are designed with load beams that are simply held in place with mounting clips, and they hold all the pallets. This design is less structurally sound, so it can bear lesser weight. However, when you have to re-purpose or move the shelves, then it will prove to be far more adjustable and easy to manage than a typical structural pallet rack.

The choice of which one to use will, of course, depend on what you need your shelving for. When you’re using larger shelves and holding heavier crates, then a structural pallet system is probably ideal. However, when you need to move shelves at a moment’s notice and the goods you store aren’t too heavy, then a common roll form pallet system will suffice.

New Year, New Equipment: Should You Consider Updating Your Old Warehouse Equipment?

Let’s face it, even the best warehouse equipment gets old over time. Pallet racks don’t hold as much weight as they used to, forklifts need more maintenance and more frequent repairs, and even structural elements of your warehouse, such as the climate control system, could need to be replaced from time to time.

As a result, an obvious reason why you might want to update your old warehouse equipment is because of wear and tear. While this is sometimes just a general precaution that some companies consider optional, it can also be a crucial safety measure, depending on how you handle your operations. Sensitive items can be damaged more frequently, for example, if the pallet racks fail and boxes fall on the floor, not to mention the frightening safety hazards that a flimsy, older pallet rack system might present.

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Additionally, replacing or upgrading used shelving Denver warehouse equipment during the new year can give you an opportunity to buy better, longer lasting and more robust racks and tools. Depending on how old each piece of equipment or rack might be and what is currently available on the market, you might want to look into the issue a little more deeply and think about selective upgrading to save money and ensure that all your equipment is up to code according to the highest industry standards.

The Most Essential Forklift Maintenance Tasks You Need to Keep in Mind

Safety is very important when operating forklifts, and with that in mind, you also have to consider the technical aspects of the machine. Forklift maintenance is not just designed to help prevent damage and lower repair costs, but also to keep your workers safe, whether they are operating the forklift or just walking nearby.Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists

Daily inspection is one of the most important elements to consider. Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists encourage daily inspections prior to using forklifts as any small damage or control issue can lead to disastrous consequences. Have workers check for leaky hoses, damaged brakes, seat belt function, fluid levels and every other item on the OSHA standardized checklist.

The next thing to consider is how frequently you should top off fluids and replace specific parts. These issues will differ depending on each brand and manufacturer, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to the letter, if you don’t want damages to happen too frequently.

Cleaning your forklifts regularly and checking the tires for the right pressure and for hardly visible damage will also be very essential. You definitely don’t want a flat tire to happen while the forklift is in use carrying heavy loads around the factory.

The Most Common Issues to Consider When Using Forklifts

Forklifts make handling stored items and products a lot more convenient than any other machine. With the help of a forklift, you can easily move and reorganized items inside your warehouse in record time. However, it’s also very important to get the most affordable used forklifts Colorado suppliers offer suited for your tasks.

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With that in mind, here are a few essential considerations and tips to remember when choosing a new set of forklifts to buy or rent for your company:

  • Accidents can happen almost under any circumstance. However, when using a forklift that’s too unstable and weak, then they will most certainly happen more frequently. To avoid this issue, make sure you look for forklifts that can handle the weight and the height of the boxes and packages you load them up with.
  • Cheap forklifts break down more easily than average priced ones obtained from quality brands. So make sure you don’t cut the spending too much when it comes to buying or renting out forklifts for your most important and time-sensitive tasks.
  • Some forklifts have worse controls and steeper learning curves than others. This is essential to understand especially when you have boxes stacked on top of each other on tall racks, and you need your forklift operator to be able to handle the machine with extreme precision.

The Best Practices You Can Consider in Organizing Pallet Racks

The first thing you need to consider is that it’s essential to use pallet racks as they were intended to be used: in a pallet racking system. This will ensure that your warehouse is profitable and that the usefulness of the equipment you buy can be entirely maximized.

Speaking of your equipment (and the pallet racks themselves, for that matter), when you buy them make sure you always put function over appearance. A larger or better looking pallet rack is not necessarily going to be the ideal choice for your warehouse. According to businesses that sell pallet racking, you have to consider the tools you have at your disposal for accessing the racks, the time required for each task and the necessary structural resilience of the racks when it comes to supporting the weight of your stored items.

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Just because a certain strategy for managing your pallet racks has worked for years, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. There might be ways to innovate and improve the flow of your operations, depending on the types of goods you cycle through your racking system and how easy or hard it is to load and unload them. Talk to other warehouse owners and come up with a unique system that will suit your warehouse’s mode of operations even better than the strategies you’ve used in the past.

Why Training & Certification Is Important When Using Warehouse Equipment

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Warehouse equipment is diverse and corresponds to the size of the warehouse, facilitating the fullest possible use of the area and volume of storage space. The design of the warehouse must be sufficiently reliable to withstand heavy loads and to maintain its operational properties for a long period, convenient for the stacking and distribution of goods, adapted for the use of machines and mechanisms that maximize the mechanization of warehouse operations.

People who use warehouse equipment should have adequate training and certification, and this is mainly for reasons related to security and safe operation.

Workers must be familiar with proper protocols surrounding material handling, equipment and vehicles. For example, many facilities have forklift trucks, which are machines that must be driven safely. Workers must be trained every time a new system is put in place, because this way they can work more safely and responsibly. If they fail to use the equipment properly, accidents may happen, which could also translate into important losses, legal issues and business downtime.

Business owners and warehouse managers are in charge with creating warehouse rack removal procedures to ensure that the systems are working properly and workers receive proper training on how to use the available equipment.


Product Innovations in Pallet Racks

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Pallet racking systems are already among the most modern, most popular and most versatile systems used for storing merchandise in warehouses, but there is space for innovation even with these advanced solutions. Here are some areas in which you can find innovative options:

  • Bolted connections – the most common method used for connecting the elements of pallet racks is welding, but the most modern racks today use bolts for making the connections stronger and the transport of the racks easier;
  • Customized solutions – the technologies used for manufacturing pallet racking systems are evolving and so are the customizable solutions available for clients who have special needs. Innovative methods today allow for creating racking systems to meet the client’s needs and requirements in terms of sizing, material and operation;
  • Advanced repair solutions – more and more techniques are invented to restore the strength of used pallet racks. According to restored pallet racks Denver Colorado dealers, very often, the racking systems are stronger, more attractive and they also offer more functionality than new ones, so paying less for used racks and hiring a specialized company for the restoration as well as for the reconfiguration and the installation is a great, modern solution that offers your company lots of benefits.

Are Your Forklifts Being Inspected Often Enough?

Regular inspections and maintenance are essential for keeping your forklift in good working condition – without proper maintenance, your forklift will become unsafe to use and it might also break down with a major fault that is not only premature, but also very expensive.

Forklift maintenance is a complex and continuous process that involves more than just regular visits by a used forklifts Denver service technician. The driver or drivers of the forklift need to inspect their vehicle each time before they start their shift, making sure that all the major systems of the equipment, including the brakes, the steering, the lights and the alarm system, are in proper working condition. Any fault, even small, seemingly insignificant ones, can render the machine unsafe to use, so instant repair needs to be ordered right after noticing a fault. The forklift must also be inspected professionally at least once a month – the service technician hired for the job must check and top up the oil and the battery and needs to inspect the major systems of the machine. If the technician notices any fault during these routine inspections, a label or sign needs to be put on the forklift to inform employees that the machine should not be used until the repair is complete.

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How to Find A Warehouse Liquidation Sale

Warehouse liquidation sales are often signs that the local economy is struggling, but they are also excellent opportunities to get machines, racking systems and other equipment that you might need for bargain prices. The items sold at such liquidation sales or closeout sales are usually in great condition, so having a look at what is being sold is always worth your time. Here is how to find out about the sales around you:

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  • Specialized websites – liquidation sales websites are great for finding out about the sales available in your area and many of them also provide information about excess inventories available from manufacturers or large retailers. Many such warehouse liquidation websites also have an auction platform that you can use to bid on the inventories or on the warehouse equipment that you need;
  • Word of mouth – if you maintain a good relationship with other businesses, you will surely be among the first to find out about the liquidation sales that you can check out in your area;
  • Keeping your eyes open – keep looking for the Closing down sign wherever you go. Many companies choose to put out the sign rather than announce their liquidation sale using any other type of advertising media.

Why Used Shelving Saves Your Business Money

The watchword for many metal shelving models is “flexibility.” If you do not have a big budget, your business is still new on the market and you are trying to get it up and running, you can also opt for used metal shelves. They come at a lower price, and their technical condition is good enough to be able to use them for a long time. Storage solutions with metal shelves help you to maximize your profit every month.

Besides the fact that the use of second hand shelves offers the benefit of low purchasing price, there are other advantages that can save your business money in the long run.

  • As in the case of new shelves, when it comes to used shelves you can buy different types, depending on your needs.
  • Given that metal shelves are very difficult to damage, you can buy used metal shelves not only in perfect condition but you can also get warranty, this last aspect depending on where you buy the shelf.
  • The possibility to re-sell the second hand shelves represents another significant advantage. According to rack removal providers, metal shelves are extremely durable and difficult to damage, which means that their price will not depreciate much over time.
  • Because they are in good working condition, used metal shelves do not require frequent repairs maintenance operations.

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