Can You Remove and Relocate Pallet Racks on Your Own?

Buying everything new when you relocate your factory or warehouse might seem like the right idea a lot of the time. However, if your pallet racks are still relatively new and fully functional, then you might want to consider saving some money and simply dismantling them so you can transport them to your new location and install them there.

Now, the question isn’t really whether or not you and/or some of your employees could remove the racks on your own. After some time and following a more or less steep learning curve, the process could be completed. However, the real issue is that you will not only be wasting a lot of time, but you’ll also have to deal with the very real risks associated with removing large racks made from heavy metallic elements that could seriously injure someone if they aren’t removed or handled properly.

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Most experts will rather recommend that you hire a professional rack removal service for dismantling and removing your pallet racks as safely and as quickly as possible. Since they handle this type of work just about every day, they’ll be fully aware of the pitfalls and challenges that have to be faced and overcome, and they’ll know how to guard against accidents and injuries. In fact, the best approach would be to also hire them to install the old pallet racks inside your new warehouse as well, so you can be up and running again as soon as possible.

Steps for Moving Your Factory to a New Location

So you decided to move your factory to another location and you want to make sure that you don’t miss a step in making your move as smooth and as quick as possible. Although it seems like a straightforward job, relocating your factory can be fraught with problems and unexpected challenges. As such, you’ll need to establish a clear checklist before you proceed.

The first steps should be in relocating your stock and any items, materials and equipment you might have stored in your warehouses that won’t be needed for the last days of operation. Some of the machines and equipment can be kept until the very end, but gradually, items like machines that are in maintenance or aren’t being used at the moment can be dismantled and moved.

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Also, you should get a professional service, like Preferred Equipment Company @, to help you with things like shelves and pallet racks. Some installations can be difficult to dismantle and reassemble, and you will want to take any possibility of accidental injury out of the equation completely.

Ultimately, it will be time to remove the last of your equipment and dismantle the buildings themselves. If they were built as part of a metal building kit, then you will find it easy to relocate them and rebuild the exact same constructions at the new site. Otherwise, you might have to aim at salvaging or recycling as much of the material as possible, while hiring a building company to erect new and improved buildings on your factory’s new location.

Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Warehouse Rack Removal Services

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Are you looking to dismantle some pallet racks? Warehouse liquidation can be a difficult process when you don’t have professional support for problems such as this one. Fortunately, you’ll find there are a lot of dependable and skilled warehouse rack removal experts who can help you with them, and as long as you know how to approach the process and what questions to consider, the whole job will go smoothly.

  1. How large is your warehouse and how many racks do you have? Depending on that, you’ll know which service to hire and whether or not they will need more people to get the job done in a practical amount of time.
  2. What types of racks do you own and what material are they made from? The material is very important, as it will determine the safety risk during the removal process and in some cases it might also require special steps to complete the dismantling.
  3. How old are your pallet racks? The older they are – and especially if they’re made from a material that could suffer more damage over time due to lack of maintenance – you should make sure the technicians you hire are extra careful when they begin dismantling your racks.
  4. Do you have a place to store or to move the dismantled racks to? It’s usually a good idea to move them immediately after they are dismantled or to have a proper place where you can store them and hire the same service to take them there.

How to Properly Organize Your Warehouse for Speed and Efficiency

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Having to manage a large warehouse is not something you want to leave to chance. Even though your employees might already have a set of instructions on how to conduct their work inside the warehouse, how to access wares and stored materials and how to use equipment safely, you can always do something more to organize everything so the work will be smooth and there won’t be any safety concerns.

The first thing you should do is see which activities have safety concern and place additional measures to ensure total safety. Forklift use is one of these activities, and you have to constantly make sure that the regulations regarding forklift maintenance and allowing only qualified, OSHA-trained workers on the premises should be observed on a constant basis. You can find the best well maintained used forklifts Colorado has at Preferred Equipment Company.

Working with heavy and large materials also has to be regulated through clear safety and organization protocols. The use of pallet racks in this case can greatly reduce safety concerns and speed up the work. Moreover, it’s important to make certain that the weight of larger items is properly distributed along large racks and shelves so as not to create an imbalance that could lead to an accident or at least cause difficulty when retrieving certain items.

Safety Measures to Follow When Setting Up Your Pallets and Racking Systems

Installing racking systems poses certain hazards for safety. This is why the installation and use of pallet and racking systems is strictly regulated by the OHSA. When a fully loaded racking system collapses while your employees are near it, lives can be lost or people may be left with lifelong disabilities.


Here are the main safety measures implemented by shelving Colorado companies concerning the setting up of pallets and racking systems:


  1. Follow the Design Specifications to the Letter

Design specifications take into consideration various factors, from ergonomics to maximum load capacity. No one should be allowed to make any variations to the design when installing racking systems.


If you believe you can have a different configuration, refer the issue to the engineer that designed the racking system and wait for their approval.


  1. Securing the Units with Fittings

Fittings should create solid units, which can bear the maximum load capacity. Any loose screw or bolt may compromise the reliability of an entire racking unit. Workers must be instructed to manually test that each element is properly secured before moving on to a new element.


  1. All Workers Must Wear Protective Gear

Personal protective equipment must be given all workers and none of them should be allowed to start their tasks if they are not wearing it. Hard hats, goggles and protective gloves represent the bare minimum acceptable for rack installation jobs.

Why Hire a Professional Warehouse Rack Removal Company

Whether you are relocating or remodeling your warehouse, you need the existing racking system removed. You may be tempted to save money and get your own employees to perform this task.

Here is why you should consider hiring Preferred Equipment Company rack removal specialists:

  1. No Accidents

Your employees are not trained to dismantle and remove racking systems. Thus, they may suffer accidents and get injured. Your business will be then liable to pay them workers’ comp benefits.

Rack removal companies have trained staff that know exactly what to do to remove your racking safely.

  1. No Damage to the Racks

If you are relocating your warehouse, you will need your racking system in good condition. Thus, you should hire a rack removal company, which is specialized in various racking systems and knows how to dismantle them without causing damage.

Moreover, they will safely transport them to the new location. Also, you can hire the same company to re-assemble the racking in the warehouse.

  1. Save Time

You don’t have all the time in the world to wait until the racking is completely removed. You need it done by a certain date. If you hire professionals, they will guarantee you that the job will be done by the agreed date.

How Should I Dismantle My Warehouse Pallet Racking?

In mostly any warehouse there comes a time when you need to dismantle your pallet racking. The reason may be the fact that you are actually re-locating your operation, updating your equipment, replacing damaged items, and so on. In case you decide to dismantle it, you need to make sure you are following the health and safety requirements for your specific region.

Health and safety regulations aim at creating a safe and healthy work environment for all employees at all times, including when you need to do this specific kind of work. Before starting the operation, you need to make sure that your personnel has the necessary skills and training for this type of work, and that you have all the necessary devices and equipment at your disposal.

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You also need to remember the fact that your pallet racking is insured, and therefore subject to statutory inspections made by a qualified authority. Therefore, you need to work with industrial shelving Colorado pros and make sure you are still fulfilling the requirements of certain insurance policies while dismantling and relocating your warehouse pallet racking system.

In order to obtain the best results and keep your business safe, you should hire competent contractors for this often delicate kind of work.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Excess Stock

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In case your business activities are in any way slowed down or disturbed by excessive stocks, there are certain ways to deal with this type of issue.

The thing is, no matter how well-organized your company may be, it will certainly end up with too much inventory at a certain point. That can be the result of unpredicted shifts in marketplace or technological advancements. Being prepared for this situation puts you in a very good place as compared to other businesses that are similar to yours.

Most of the time, you may not be able to recover all your costs. The methods of disposal may be related to the level of your original value for your acquired products.

One good thing you can try is ask for a refund from the part of your supplier. This could be a reasonable option, and you could recoup at least a part of your investment.

You can schedule a cost effective warehouse liquidation event. Gives you an opportunity to unload excess equipment and inventory and improve cash flow, and provides others with items you no longer need.

You could also try and direct your inventory to new products. The thing is, some business have actually created new products from excessive inventory obtained from other companies.

Your competitors could actually become your partners, at least in this particular situation. You could trade certain products with them, while also building relationships that can bring you many benefits in the future.



How to Take Down Warehouse Racking – An Important Set of Tips

Warehouse racking has to be taken down with the greatest of care. If you don’t want yourself or your workers to be injured or to lag behind with important tasks, then you have to make sure that this process is given proper attention, so you can get it done right the first time. The alternative could lead to many problematic delays and other potential issues.

As you begin to remove the racking system, make sure that you start from the tallest racks and gradually remove the connectors and the bars that hold them together. As you remove the components make sure you place them in neatly organized categories, each assigned to one type of component.

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If you’re not sure about any of the processes required for taking down your warehouse racks, make sure you hire a dependable warehouse rack removal professional, rather than doing guesswork. Many of the components involved are made to be heavy and durable, so they can cause some serious injury if they’re not handled properly. This can especially be true when you’re handling them at various heights.

To prepare the components for shipping, place all the similar ones together and make sure to label and count them, so that all are accounted for and properly designated. Then, once they are delivered, the process of setting up your warehouse racking will go off without a hitch.



What to Consider When Moving Your Operation to a New Site

Moving your business to a new site can be motivated by multiple issues. You might have to cut down on spending, and a large property needs a lot of work. Alternatively, your business could be expanding, and you might need a larger place for your warehouses and production buildings.

Rack removal

Rack removal during relocation is a very important thing to consider. If not done properly, it can lead to delays, as well as injury, if the heavy racks fall unexpectedly. You also have to consider the various permits and inspections required at your new site before starting to bring in anything that you used to store on your racks. Removing your stock is the first order of business, and if possible, you should already be able to ship everything by the time you start with the rack removal process.

The actual process of removing your racks has to be done by professionals with each part of the racking system carefully removed and labeled. Once all the equipment and all the components of your pallet racks are delivered to the new location, it’s time to mark the layout and assist the installation experts on where and how to re-assemble your racking system. When the process is completed, all the locks, anchors and connectors have to be properly secured and double checked, to ensure that the system’s integrity and durability is maintained.