Essential Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Clean – What You Should Focus on

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Warehouses are often used to store important and sensitive items for a long time. Also, a lot of logistics workers tend to comb the place and, because some items stay on the rack or shelf for a very long time, keeping them clean along with the rest of your warehouse can be exceedingly important. Finally, another good reason to keep your warehouse clean is to ensure there’s no clutter, so you can relax about your workers finding everything in its place, and any audits organized by your clients can go smoothly.

The most important thing for keeping your warehouse clean is to add instructions that include some type of strategy for preventing dirt from making its way to the racks. Since that’s the hardest place for anyone to access, you don’t want food or any organic items to make their way there.

Also, make sure you hire a cleaning service that is reliable and trustworthy. Even if they don’t have access to the racks, your cleaning experts should be able to clean every corner of the warehouse every week, without leaving anything out.

Finally, it’s a good idea to keep a cleaning and maintenance schedule that can assign some workers to clean racks and shelves that are temporarily unused and to detect areas where dirt and grime might be a problem already. It may be a good idea to do a complete pallet rack removal at some point when they are not being used for a thorough area cleaning.

Keeping Your Warehouse Orderly: What Are Pallet Racks Used for?

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There’s a lot riding on keeping your warehouse in good order. You have to make sure that all the packages and resources you have are accounted for and that your logistics team knows exactly where to find them and how to access them as easily as possible at any given time.

This is precisely what pallet racks were designed for. A pallet racking system is a system that stores items and boxes on horizontal racks with skids on them. The racks are usually slightly sloped, so that when a new item is added, it will immediately slide onto the other side of the rack. That way, the FIFO principle (First In First Out) can be respected, and older items won’t be left on the rack for too long, so you can easily make sure that they don’t lose their viability.

Pallet racks also have the benefit of keeping things more organized. While in the past, you had to use racks that allowed the individual accessing of each item, today you can have items on your racks somewhere in the middle of a huge pile, and you can still be sure that it’s easy to access. As soon as you remove the items that are on a lower part of the rack than it is located, your desired item will just slide down to the lowest point of the pallet rack, where your workers can remove it.

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