Why Does It Matter to Keep Your Warehouse Clean During Rack Removal?

A lot of business owners consider that keeping their warehouse clean should be reserved only for inspections and to hold a certain standard when it comes to aesthetics. However, the practical aspects of keeping things clean can also be very crucial, especially when you’re thinking of moving your shelves and racking systems.

Warehouse rack removal workers

Rack removal is a very intricate process, and it typically has to be done manually. Warehouse rack removal workers disconnect bolts and clips to remove horizontal beams and then break down the entire structure of the racking system. In many cases, they will need to work at considerably heights which means that any oil stains or dirt present on the floor of your warehouse can end up becoming a potential safety hazard.

Cleaning the floor and the shelves thoroughly before the rack removal process will, therefore, be very essential to the safe completion of the removal. The areas close to your pallet racks, as well as those along and around the route of your forklifts should be checked and double checked before you call in your workers to remove the racks. Once everything checks out, the proper safety measures need to be taken to ensure that the entire process will go smoothly and be completed without a hitch.

Is It Really Worth the Cost to Buy Cheap Liquidation Pallets?

With the increased availability of online social media ads and affordable SEO services, people can get into reselling without having to spend a lot of money on renting an actual commercial space or buying TV ads. However, even though it’s fine to start reselling from within your home, you have to invest a bit more capital, if you want your profits to amount to more than just spare change.

Cheap liquidation pallets might be the answer for some. These pallets are essentially off-price goods you can buy from large retailers. While most of them are damaged items returned by buyers, many others are actually products that are in good working order, or that just have some minor damage associated with them.

Preferred Equipment offers storage solutions

Of course, while the best profits can be gained from restoring damaged items and selling them at a better price you don’t necessarily have to be a tech guru to benefit from buying liquidation pallets. Look at http://www.preferredequipmentco.com/ to determine details of this type of storage investment.

Some providers have different tiers that they sell, going from cheap, low quality items, to slightly damaged products that are a little more expensive, to surplus items that are commonly termed “overstock.” This latter option is considered to be most advantageous by experts, as they mostly involve good quality items that were pulled from the shelves typically due to the high demands of merchandising real estate.

What Should You Know About Rack Removal and Relocation?

When you’re moving to a new location, rack removal and dismantling can be a challenging task. As a business owner, you might want to relocate to a new city, expand and move one or more of your wares and racks to newer, larger warehouses with better facilities, or just reconfigure the current layout to allow for better movement and increased productivity. All these options require experienced rack removal and reassembly.

rack removal

Once you’ve removed all the items stored on your racks, it’s time to dismantle the racks themselves. This process has to be done very carefully because of the possibility of injury and damage, as well as the need to reassemble the racks later on in an effective way. Because warehouse racks are designed to be durable, the disassembly process has to involve careful consideration, and in most cases you’ll want to hire a team of experts to do it instead of tasking your own employees for the job.

You have to make sure that each element is removed safely and without sustaining damage. Then each part should be carefully labeled and loaded onto the right truck, while ensuring that it’s fastened securely so that it won’t be damaged during transit. Safe and efficient rack removal is essential not just for safety purposes, but also to avoid damages that could cost you a lot of money down the line.

How to Adequately Promote a Safety Culture in Your Warehouse

When it comes to warehouse safety, you can never be too careful. Workers can be affected by unsafe practices and faulty equipment, and it will ultimately be your responsibility to help them out if they do get injured. To avoid any unfortunate events that would hurt your employees and harm your business as well, adopting a safety culture in your warehouses should be among your top priorities.

warehouse and used equipment safety training

Proper training is the cornerstone of a safety culture. It’s important for all your employees to know the safety risks of the tasks that they are assigned to and for managers to keep in mind everything from the physical disabilities to any small psychological impairment or difficulty that a certain employee might have before assigning them to a certain task.

Preventive safety is highly essential as well. You’ll want to make sure that any safety risks are avoided as much as possible and that past issues can serve as practical teaching tools for training experts and supervisors, so that they and the employees they are responsible for will not repeat similar mistakes and use outdated, unsafe practices.

Finally, make sure that the used forklifts Denver equipment you buy is 100% safe and tested well before it is placed in your warehouse. A flimsy old rack or a faulty forklift has no place in a modern warehouse, and their structural integrity should be assessed by trained individuals each time they are put in use.

How to Make Your Warehouse Truly Efficient: 5 Steps to Get There

warehouse liquidation

Warehouse efficiency is a big thing these days, especially among fiercely competing large and medium sized companies. Consider the following five tips for making your warehouse truly efficient:


  1. Keep Things Flexible: From operations to storing items, handling inventory tasks and managing labels, warehouse work has evolved greatly in recent years. It’s no longer just about storing goods, but also about loading and unloading speed, accuracy in keeping track and managing items, and the ability to keep up with the changing market.
  2. Technology to Remove Errors: Do your best to implement new technologies and scanning tools to minimize human error and ensure that you can properly keep track of all your inventory.
  3. Use ABC Analysis: Also known as the Inventory Categorization Method, ABC Analysis is a method that places a hierarchy on your most valuable items assigning them to the “A-stock,” which is high priority, big ticket stock. A-stock will always have priority over B or C-stock, so you can make sure to always stock up on the most important items that are highest in demand.
  4. Worker Incentives: Let’s face it, warehouse work can be hard, and if you don’t care for your workers, you’ll find them quickly moving to your competition. Use incentives such as productivity-based bonuses to keep that from happening.
  5. Safety Culture: Respected warehouse liquidation companies insist that regardless of productivity, safety must come first. Creating a safety culture will ensure that your workers are more confident, decisive and productive, as their safety is ensured by accountable and skilled warehouse managers.

Important Things to Check When Buying Used Warehouse Equipment

warehouse management

When you want to buy warehouse equipment, purchasing it new isn’t always an option. Used warehouse equipment, however, can often be found at a great price and in fairly good condition depending on where you buy it from. Aside from saving you a lot of money, it can also ensure that you’ll be able to begin operations as quickly as possible without having to look too far.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to buying used warehouse equipment is durability and sturdiness. You’ll want to make sure that any racks and shelves you buy can withstand the weight of the items you want to store and that their structural integrity doesn’t have any crucial imperfections that could result in damaged goods or hazards for your employees. Used forklift Colorado suppliers emphasize that you should consider safety and practicality above all else.

For forklifts and other functional items, you’ll want to make sure that they work and that they don’t present any impairments that are particularly difficult to repair or expensive to manage. In many cases, you might be tempted to buy a newer, more expensive version of a certain piece of equipment, which might be available at a low price, but also requires “some” repairs. Make sure you consult a warehouse liquidation expert before accepting such offers, or better yet, go for the sure thing and aim for reliability and function rather than advanced features.

How to Save When Outfitting a New Warehouse

Outfitting a new warehouse is not an easy job, and the first things that can help you to save money in the process are calculating exactly your storage needs and optimizing the existing storage space.

You will need a warehouse software to identify those products that are the most popular and purchased, because you will have to invest in racking and other equipment necessary to group them smartly and make them as accessible as possible to reach their end goal.

Preferred Equipment Company

Preferred Equipment Company management professionals suggest that, if your business is new, you should also consider its future growth and match it with your space and equipment.

All these aspects may be a bit intimidating, but if you are worried about the money you will have to spend in the process, you must know that second hand equipment can be easily found and will likely be affordable for you. Used storage racks and other warehouse equipment are quite easy to inspect, so you do not have to worry too much about potential hidden defects. Besides, they are easy to install, because most of the parts come readily assembled.

Another way to save when outfitting your new warehouse is by opting for economical industrial lighting (led lighting systems).



The Most Effective & Efficient Way to Organize Your Warehouse

Often, small companies are forced to organize their warehouses, without having among their human capital people trained or specialized in optimizing warehouses or improving productivity. It also happens that, occasionally, these are companies that fail to contract an external logistics consulting service.

used shelving Denver liqidators

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of organizing your warehouse efficiently.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the amount of products you will have in your warehouse, their weight, volumes and size. All these physical characteristics will determine the size of the warehouse your company needs, as well as certain organizing practices you will have to consider.

In addition to this information, there is another important aspect that must be taken into account: the rotation and sale of each product and the product categories. All these will define the place where each product is stored. Obviously, products that are very popular and sold easily must be accessible to customers. Rotating products, so that the customer has quick access to them, translate into time savings that also have a positive economic impact.

If you are thinking of replacing the shelves in your warehouse, used shelving Denver liquidators suggest that you need to choose models (like pallet racks) that allow you to perform operations with higher productivity.

How to Sell Used Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse owners or managers may look into selling used Warehouse equipment for different reasons.  Some may relocate, others may look for an upgrade, or simply make a change in their operation.

Regardless the reason for selling your used warehouse equipment, you will need a rack removal team specialized in disassembling and cleaning unneeded equipment.

rack removal team

When you start looking for such a team, you will soon find out that some of these specialists are also dedicated to purchase at least some of your unneeded equipment.

Warehouse equipment is typically massive and, unless you find out someone to sell it to, you will have to send it to scrap.  The thing is you will not get any deal for this, and your initial investment in that equipment will be just gone.

That is why you will have to do your best to sell your used warehouse equipment.  You can get a fair price for your racking and shelving, which will mean extra money in your pocket besides the convenience of getting rid of all the equipment you no longer need. With a professional team, this entire process will go smoothly and you will be able to focus on your next move.

5 Things to Consider When Safely Removing Warehouse Racks

Making the wrong decision about your warehouse rack removal can be costly. You can cause a warehouse teardown as well as accidents because of the lack of experience about dismantling these products safely, which may cost you a lot of money and slow the process down.

There are 5 essential things to consider when safely removing warehouse racks:

  • professionalism
  • experience
  • doing it right
  • avoiding accidents
  • meeting deadlines

When you have to go through a process of liquidation or downsizing of a warehouse, you will have enough stress, so you definitely do not want to add the experience of an accident. Consequently, do not trust any customer interested to buy your warehouse rack, but who can prove no track record of tearing it down safely. Removing warehouse racks is a specialized skill that requires licensed professionals who use specialized equipment.

Outsourcing the removal of you shelves and the subsequent installation in your new location is a responsible decision, which will save you from a lot of problems that may arise if you ignore the importance of safety measures involved in this process.

Professional warehouse rack removal services guarantee the safety of your personnel, but also of your racks and other supplies.  The process will be done quickly without losing money and too much time in the process.

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