Different Methods of Organizing Your Warehouse Space

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Warehouses are buildings used for storing goods and spaces in which the layout is essential for making usage efficient. There are many different ways to organize the goods in the warehouse – here are some of the most common methods:

  • The method based on SKU’s – SKU is the abbreviation for stock keeping units, that is, types of products, such as different types of fruits (if you have peaches and bananas in your warehouse, the two types of fruits will be considered two stock keeping units). The SKU-based method places each individual product type in a specific place and is suitable for storing few product types, each of which is stored in large quantities;
  • Job lot storage – this method divides the storage space based not on the products, but on the clients that have ordered product. This is also the preferred solution for logistics companies that rent their warehouse space to other companies;
  • Crossdocking – this is one of the best and most efficient forms of warehousing, but it requires lots of space, so it is the preferred solution for large companies. The method consists of storing the goods in smaller batches, making them readily available to interested buyers. The large product lots are broken down into smaller units, often stored individually.

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