How to Get Rid of Excess Warehouse Equipment

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If you are responsible for optimizing the operations of your warehouse and you have just found that there are several unused, but functional machines in your warehouse, here are some tips for you about how to get rid of them:

  • Contact a nearby dealership – find out the make and model of your machines and contact a local dealership to ask them whether they sell used equipment. If they do, they might be willing to buy the machines from you for a reasonable price;
  • Become a seller on an online ads platform – these platforms are either free to use or they charge a small fee for allowing you to place your ad. Interested buyers can get in touch with you using the communication method that you specify and you can discuss the details of the transaction directly with them;
  • Become a seller on auction platforms – there are many great used forklifts Denver platforms that launch auctions on used machines. The seller will determine the minimum and the maximum price or will determine a price according to the platform’s auctioning rules, then interested buyers place their bids and the seller decides who to sell the machine to;
  • Offer your excess warehouse shelving and fork lifts directly to a company like Preferred Equipment. They buy and sell used forklifts and other warehouse equipment.