Is It Important to Learn How to Assemble a Teardrop Pallet Rack?

A lot of business owners prefer to allow contractors to set everything up for them. It’s true that outsourcing can be very beneficial and advantageous, especially if you don’t have the manpower to install an entire warehouse worth of racks, shelves and equipment. However, when it comes to a simple but practical teardrop pallet rack installation, you might still consider setting it up yourself.

Businesses that sell pallet racks in Denver Colorado

Businesses that sell pallet racks in Denver Colorado say that the reason why teardrop pallet racks are so popular is because they are extremely practical, easy to use, and yes: easy to install as well. The process simply involves setting up the frame, installing the bottom rear and top rear beams first, and then putting together the front beams and pallet racks. The pallet racks are very easy to fasten into place, and the entire process will last less than half an hour with  just two people handling the task.

Of course, you will have to make sure that the pallet rack you set up will hold up against the weight that it was designed for. Also, it’s important to consider the workload involved with the installing and fastening into place of a larger number of teardrop pallet racks. As a result, learning how to assemble a teardrop pallet rack quickly to save time and get your operations underway sooner will be very important if you want to avoid wasting a lot of time and energy on a relatively simple task.

How Do You Choose a Pallet Racking Product for Your Warehouse?

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The two main types of pallet racks are structural and roll form pallet racks. These two systems are most commonly in use today, and depending on the specific requirements you have for your racks, you could choose either one of them.

Structural racks are typically sturdier. As the name suggests, the horizontal beams are actually structurally attached to the structure through the use of strong bolts. Bolt fixings still allow for some measure of control over the weight bearing capabilities and the adjustability of the shelving, even if it doesn’t come up to par with that of a roll form pallet rack system.

Roll form pallet racks Denver Colorado providers confirm that these systems are designed with load beams that are simply held in place with mounting clips, and they hold all the pallets. This design is less structurally sound, so it can bear lesser weight. However, when you have to re-purpose or move the shelves, then it will prove to be far more adjustable and easy to manage than a typical structural pallet rack.

The choice of which one to use will, of course, depend on what you need your shelving for. When you’re using larger shelves and holding heavier crates, then a structural pallet system is probably ideal. However, when you need to move shelves at a moment’s notice and the goods you store aren’t too heavy, then a common roll form pallet system will suffice.

Product Innovations in Pallet Racks

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Pallet racking systems are already among the most modern, most popular and most versatile systems used for storing merchandise in warehouses, but there is space for innovation even with these advanced solutions. Here are some areas in which you can find innovative options:

  • Bolted connections – the most common method used for connecting the elements of pallet racks is welding, but the most modern racks today use bolts for making the connections stronger and the transport of the racks easier;
  • Customized solutions – the technologies used for manufacturing pallet racking systems are evolving and so are the customizable solutions available for clients who have special needs. Innovative methods today allow for creating racking systems to meet the client’s needs and requirements in terms of sizing, material and operation;
  • Advanced repair solutions – more and more techniques are invented to restore the strength of used pallet racks. According to restored pallet racks Denver Colorado dealers, very often, the racking systems are stronger, more attractive and they also offer more functionality than new ones, so paying less for used racks and hiring a specialized company for the restoration as well as for the reconfiguration and the installation is a great, modern solution that offers your company lots of benefits.

What are the Best Pallet Racking Types?

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Pallet racking systems offer solutions for storing various types of goods, from large packages to furniture, tires or insulating profiles. Pallet racks are suitable for any kind of goods and warehouses, regardless of the weight or dimensions required, so according to pallet racks Denver Colorado distributors, the best types depend on the particular needs of your business.

Types of pallet storage shelves

    Standard shelves

They are suitable for large spaces such as modern warehouses, various factories or production units, shopping centers or logistics and allow the storage of any type of palleted goods in horizontal rows, with multiple levels.

    Mobile shelves

Maximum use of storage volume, highly desirable for installations where the cost of space is high, or it is necessary to expand storage capacity while maintaining the same workspace. Mobile shelves are also very useful in cold storage or freezing rooms.

    Drive-in shelves

This type of industrial storage system allows the storage of goods at maximum capacity using the minimum space. It is particularly suitable for storing very large quantities of similar products.

    Push-back shelves

These shelves are an excellent solution for storing perishable goods, which require a perfect rotation. They consist of compact structures that incorporate roller or platform tracks, with a slight inclination that allows the pallets to slide. Gravity causes them to move at a controlled speed.

    Automated shelves

Assisted installation of an automatic forklift allows you to:

  • Automate operations
  • Add the speed of movement of goods
  • Eliminate errors

This type of pallet racking is ideal for working in tight spaces and at high altitudes (up to 30 meters).


Tips for Improving Warehouse Storage Capacity

Typically, the operations of a warehouse become difficult, almost impossible, when it reaches 80-85% of its capacity – that is the capacity when pallet movement becomes not only difficult, but almost impossible. Here are some tips about how to avoid that point:

  • Eliminate overstock – the first and most important task to resolve is to analyze your stock movements and to identify the products or items that fail to fulfill your expectations in terms of stock movement. You can decide to sell the stock in question for discounted prices or you can move it elsewhere to make room for products that move faster;
  • Use the vertical space available – check whether you have any space that you can use vertically. If you have such space available, evaluate your stock to determine whether you have any products that are important, but don’t sell that well and could be moved on a higher level of your pallet racking system;
  • Expand your warehouse – most warehouses are constructed so that they can be expanded easily. If there is no other solution, you can have a look at your options in terms of adding more space to your existing warehouse by adding the best quick and easily installed pallet racks Denver Colorado retailers offer. Another option is moving to a new, more spacious warehouse.

Benefits of Installing a Warehouse Pallet Racking System

A pallet racking system shows its benefits when used in warehouses, especially considering that the clients` demands are growing exponentially. There are more and more products that need to be stored safely and in a way that also allows easy access to them.

Pallet racks are among the most used types of shelves in warehouses dedicated to different types of merchandise, as they provide important advantages.

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Sustainability is the most important one, as it translates into financial savings. To benefit from this advantage, it is necessary to purchase this type of shelves from reliable pallet racks Denver Colorado sources and avoid counterfeit products.

The more efficient use of storage space is another advantage offered by pallet racking systems. They allow the use of the vertical space, which makes them even more useful in warehouses that could use more storage space.

Adaptability is another important benefit that you will enjoy if you choose to purchase a pallet racking system. What does it refer to? – The dimensions of pallet shelves can be changed according to your needs.

The price-quality ratio is also very good, so, in conclusion, pallet racking systems are the best solution for storing goods inside warehouses.

Different Types of Warehouse Shelving

These are just a few types of warehouse shelving available on the market.

Front racks. The base of the front support is made with frames and beams. The rigidity of the structure is provided by ligaments. This type of shelving is designed for pallet storage and provides instant access to all stored products.

Stack racks. These are appreciated for their high load density, being often used to hold products and materials during down times (when they are neither used, nor transported).

Console racks. This type of warehouse shelving is suitable for storing long and non-standard products. The main elements of the frame are the rear bars (frontal bars are absent) and the console. These types of shelves are particularly useful for warehouses selling building materials, sports equipment, or auto parts.

Metal shelves for multi-level storage. Multilevel storage systems are based on pallet or medium load shelf structures. Usually, they are covered at the top and have safety elements and auxiliary parts. Such shelves are used to place goods in rooms with high ceilings.

Universal metal shelves.  These are made with inserts for galvanized metal shelves, being able to support up to 800 kg/ level. Shelves with plywood floors, OSB or other materials as well as with perforated metallic verticals are also available on request.

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The Most Simple and Straightforward Way to Increase Storage Space in Your Warehouse

Old school warehouses that use regular racks and shelves might be okay for smaller businesses, but if you have a large business where everything has to flow perfectly, and you need to house many different types of items for a specific amount of time using limited space, then you can no longer rely on the same methods. Instead, you’ll need to have pallet racks installed, so that you can maximize the amount of space and the ease of access associated with your warehouse.

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Pallet racks are the easiest and most ingenious method for maximizing warehouse space. Whereas some warehouses require shelves to take up a lot more space, since they also have to include the space between individual items for easy access, a pallet rack can simply be like a large cube structure made up of individual cubes housing boxes filled with all your items.

But how do you access a box in the middle, if there is no space for logistics workers to get there? It’s simple: pallet racks are designed using a sloped system with skids that allows the next items to slide down once the lowermost item is removed. That way, you can easily empty a certain rack within minutes, access the box you need, then place the rest of the boxes back in the same order for additional storage.

Find pallet racks Denver Colorado suppliers to make the most of your warehouse space.

What Types of Businesses Use Pallet Racking and Why?

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Pallet racking was a revolutionary system when it was first thought up. Businesses who wanted to save space and ensure that they could still store all of their products and items efficiently and without losing track of them were the first ones to make use of these systems, and over time, many different types of businesses started using them as well.

Generally, if you need to use large warehouses, you will need some type of pallet racking system. The system will allow you to store items on tall shelves in a FIFO (First In, First Out) system, while maximizing the amount of space you are using and minimizing the time needed for placing items on the racks or retrieving them using a regular forklift.

Manufacturers of electronic parts, storage companies, food companies, delivery services and a host of other large businesses and corporations use large warehouses fitted with pallet racking systems. They can ensure that each item is kept track of, and that the system is completely safe, even if the boxes stored on the racks are large and too heavy for a single person to lift.

If your business has grown to the extent that you have to store your items or products in a sizable warehouse, then you might want to consider having one of the most modern pallet racks Denver Colorado offers installed and ready before you start operations at your new storage place.