Should You Consider Buying or Renting a Forklift for Your Company?

If your business is growing and you’re able to buy taller shelves or even a small warehouse, then it might be a good idea to get a forklift as well. Depending on the items that you store on your racks and shelves, getting them up to taller areas can be difficult and time consuming, not to mention dangerous. A forklift can take away all those issues and make sure that your business continues to move and expand smoothly.

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Deciding on buying or renting a forklift can be quite difficult at first. Of course, everyone loves the idea of ownership, and according to those that sell used forklifts in Colorado, investing some money in buying a forklift might not be a bad idea. Your business is going well, and once you have your own forklift, you can keep it moving along without a problem, and without any added expenses.

However, you will also have to think about maintenance and wear and tear over time. Your forklift might have to be replaced early due to unforeseen damage or a flaw in the design, and that can happen early on, when you are still counting on your investment to pay off.

On the other hand, renting the forklift at such a time during your business’ evolution can be a more sensible and practical option. You’ll still be able to use your forklift, but you don’t have to pay huge amounts to get it repaired or replaced. The rent will also allow you to avoid making risky investments and keep your business expanding in a progressive and predictable manner.

The Most Common Issues to Consider When Using Forklifts

Forklifts make handling stored items and products a lot more convenient than any other machine. With the help of a forklift, you can easily move and reorganized items inside your warehouse in record time. However, it’s also very important to get the most affordable used forklifts Colorado suppliers offer suited for your tasks.

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With that in mind, here are a few essential considerations and tips to remember when choosing a new set of forklifts to buy or rent for your company:

  • Accidents can happen almost under any circumstance. However, when using a forklift that’s too unstable and weak, then they will most certainly happen more frequently. To avoid this issue, make sure you look for forklifts that can handle the weight and the height of the boxes and packages you load them up with.
  • Cheap forklifts break down more easily than average priced ones obtained from quality brands. So make sure you don’t cut the spending too much when it comes to buying or renting out forklifts for your most important and time-sensitive tasks.
  • Some forklifts have worse controls and steeper learning curves than others. This is essential to understand especially when you have boxes stacked on top of each other on tall racks, and you need your forklift operator to be able to handle the machine with extreme precision.

Important Things to Check When Buying Used Warehouse Equipment

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When you want to buy warehouse equipment, purchasing it new isn’t always an option. Used warehouse equipment, however, can often be found at a great price and in fairly good condition depending on where you buy it from. Aside from saving you a lot of money, it can also ensure that you’ll be able to begin operations as quickly as possible without having to look too far.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to buying used warehouse equipment is durability and sturdiness. You’ll want to make sure that any racks and shelves you buy can withstand the weight of the items you want to store and that their structural integrity doesn’t have any crucial imperfections that could result in damaged goods or hazards for your employees. Used forklift Colorado suppliers emphasize that you should consider safety and practicality above all else.

For forklifts and other functional items, you’ll want to make sure that they work and that they don’t present any impairments that are particularly difficult to repair or expensive to manage. In many cases, you might be tempted to buy a newer, more expensive version of a certain piece of equipment, which might be available at a low price, but also requires “some” repairs. Make sure you consult a warehouse liquidation expert before accepting such offers, or better yet, go for the sure thing and aim for reliability and function rather than advanced features.

How to Save When Outfitting a New Warehouse

Outfitting a new warehouse is not an easy job, and the first things that can help you to save money in the process are calculating exactly your storage needs and optimizing the existing storage space.

You will need a warehouse software to identify those products that are the most popular and purchased, because you will have to invest in racking and other equipment necessary to group them smartly and make them as accessible as possible to reach their end goal.

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Preferred Equipment Company management professionals suggest that, if your business is new, you should also consider its future growth and match it with your space and equipment.

All these aspects may be a bit intimidating, but if you are worried about the money you will have to spend in the process, you must know that second hand equipment can be easily found and will likely be affordable for you. Used storage racks and other warehouse equipment are quite easy to inspect, so you do not have to worry too much about potential hidden defects. Besides, they are easy to install, because most of the parts come readily assembled.

Another way to save when outfitting your new warehouse is by opting for economical industrial lighting (led lighting systems).



Finding Helpful Information about Used Forklifts in the State of Colorado

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When you want to buy an affordable forklift, you’ll find that just checking online and calling up the forklift Colorado top sellers simply won’t cut it. In most cases, these sellers will only provide highly expensive, new forklifts that might go well over your budget. Thankfully, there are ways around that issue:

  • One thing that you can do is contact local used forklifts Colorado companies that may provide used and new forklifts along with a leasing contract. These companies are frequently visited by representatives from firms looking to rent a forklift for a small job. While their older forklifts might still be operational, they will typically seek to replenish their stock with newer models from time to time, and might be willing to part with older forklifts at a competitive price.
  • Dealerships also provide used forklifts depending on the type of business they run. Sometimes you’re out of luck and you’ll find that they only sell newer models. However, at other times, you might find they can provide you with excellent used or restored forklifts, or at least they might be able to give you some great information about their partners, who may actually have a dependable, used forklift somewhere in their stock.

Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

You will not need sophisticated technologies or a huge investment to improve warehouse efficiency, but it is still essential to consider a few things. Here are some useful tips and mistakes that you should avoid:

The reception space is too small

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make, with the desire to have more space in their warehouse for shelves or storage areas, is not to allocate an area large enough for the receptions of goods. The reception space must be large enough to facilitate inventory operations, quality control, labeling, division by category and inspection of products.

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You do not take into account the space needed for warehouse equipment

In any warehouse you will need special equipment for transporting the goods that will ease your work and streamline processes. However, these equipments need space to be operated properly, which must be taken into account right from the start. Reducing costs is always important, so look for the best reliable used forklifts Colorado businesses offer online.

Choose the right type of storage shelves

Most warehouses, whether they serve production, assembly, packaging or storage operations, need special spaces for storing goods. The size and type of storage shelves depend, first of all, on the nature of the products you will store on them, but you also have to take into account the weight they can bear without risking accidents.


The Most Common Types of Forklifts

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Forklifts come in many different types and sizes – here are the most common used forklifts Colorado classes:

  • 4-wheel counterbalance forklifts – these are the most common forklift types, offering lifting capacity that ranges between 1.5-25 tons and with a lifting range of up to 7 m;
  • 3-wheel counterbalance forklifts – these forklifts are smaller than the ones in the previous class, therefore more suitable for narrow aisles;
  • Reach trucks – these machines are the best choice for very narrow and very tall shelf rows. The lifting capacity of these forklifts is usually in the 1.4-2.0 tons range (though 3-ton units are also available) and many of them can reach heights up to 13 m;
  • Power pallet trucks – these units are smaller and used for maneuvering pallets;
  • Rough terrain forklifts – these sturdy and strong machines are equipped with suspension, which makes them suitable for operating outside the warehouse, on gravel, sand, even in mud;
  • Articulated forklifts – these units have been developed for moving in very narrow aisles, these machines are easy to maneuver and they can reach to heights over 12 m.

Most of these lifting machines are available in electric, LP gas and diesel versions, each fuel version offering specific features and benefits.

Tips for Staying Safe on Warehouse Equipment

Warehouses, even the ones that feature the best layout and are used with the right equipment, are places where large batches of products and pallets are moved all the time and where high-capacity material handling vehicles are being operated all the time. This also means that observing safety regulation strictly is essential for warehouse safety – here are some important aspects to bear in mind at all time while performing duties in warehouses:

purchasing used forklifts Colorado require employee training

  • Observing weight limits – each forklift and material handling machine comes with limitations in terms of the weight that they can transport. Disregarding these limits can lead to very severe accidents as well as to the damage of the machine and to other material damage, so operating these machines with the weight limit in mind is essential; Make sure when you purchase used forklifts in Colorado, you also schedule specific safety training for that piece of equipment.
  • Always perform lifts safely – observing the regulations regarding the safe lifting techniques is also essential for warehouse safety;
  • Always check the technical condition of the material handling equipment – machines that are not fully functional and that lack the auditive and visual warning systems should never be used in warehouses;
  • Danger zones must be clearly delimited and marked;
  • Any cracks, pots and spills on the warehouse floor must be remedied in a timely manner to prevent slips and other accidents.

Staying Up to Date With Heavy Equipment Safety Training

Safety training is an important part of any job, especially if you work in a factory or a warehouse. Being around heavy equipment and large boxes can be intimidating, and a real danger does exist that, if you don’t use your training properly, you could be injured or even worse. This is why, if you own a large company, warehouse or factory, you have to make sure your workers always stay up to date with their safety training, whenever they are tasked to use heavy equipment.

The thing about heavy equipment is that you always have to be aware of what it does. Since there are upgrades, and some of the equipment your workers use might get an upgrade every now and then, the work instruction for using it might also change. When that happens, you have to make sure that your training team can re-train your workers about the safe and proper use of heavy machines, before allowing any of your employees to access the upgraded versions.

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While staying up to date with heavy equipment used forklifts Colorado training can be a bother, it is essential to your workers’ safety, and it’s also a mandatory requirement that you are legally bound to follow. Your insurance and the contracts you sign with all your workers will demand this fact, and the reputation of your company will also rely on it.