A Quick and Simple Spring Forklift Maintenance Guide and Checklist

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Spring forklift maintenance is an extremely important matter for anyone who wants to run a tight ship and ensure that their forklift operators and warehouse workers are safe. The following checklist should get you started with examining the most essential elements and parts of your forklifts once spring arrives:


  • Begin by checking for general wear and tear and making sure that your forklifts’ battery, cables and spark plugs are not degraded. These initial tasks are extremely important in terms of forklift maintenance, and can have a huge impact on how your forklift behaves and how frequently you’ll need to repair it.
  • The air intake system should be completely sealed for the forklift to operate correctly. So it’s a good idea to inspect the system in the spring, before giving your forklift the green light.
  • The steering system should be examined carefully to make sure that it’s working properly. Poor steering can easily lead to accidents and further damage.
  • The tire pressure, transmission fluid levels and any other elements that could lead to poor functioning and accidents should be checked as thoroughly as possible. Bad tire pressure is especially dangerous, as you will not want one of the tires to blow while your forklift operator is tackling an especially heavy or fragile load.
  • Examine the brakes to make sure the forklift can stop properly when it’s in transit. According to quality used forklifts Denver mechanics, accidents resulting from damaged braking systems are actually more common than you think.

Important Things to Know About Operating Forklifts in the Winter

Operating forklifts can be difficult and tiring even in the best of circumstances. But driving them around and operating them in small spaces during the winter can be even more challenging. If you plan to expand your business and use forklifts in your new warehouse, it’s a good idea to look up the main details of what you need to know about operating a forklift in winter.

The basic idea is that, like a car, a forklift has certain elements and components that can perform differently during the winter. For example, the tires are very important, and you have to make sure that your forklifts are equipped with proper winter tires. This is a safety issue, as the lack of winter tires can end in disaster and possible injury.

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The use of top quality hydraulic fluid is also very essential when handling forklifts. The issue here is that the fluid is important for keeping the strength of your forklift consistent – a detail that matters a great deal when you’re using the forklift to lift uncommonly heavy loads.

Finally, warehouse suppliers that sell affordable used forklifts in Denver tell us that it’s a good idea to buy any relevant forklift attachments that your forklifts might need and make sure that you schedule a complete technical checkup for all the forklifts you have in your care.

The Most Essential Forklift Maintenance Tasks You Need to Keep in Mind

Safety is very important when operating forklifts, and with that in mind, you also have to consider the technical aspects of the machine. Forklift maintenance is not just designed to help prevent damage and lower repair costs, but also to keep your workers safe, whether they are operating the forklift or just walking nearby.Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists

Daily inspection is one of the most important elements to consider. Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists encourage daily inspections prior to using forklifts as any small damage or control issue can lead to disastrous consequences. Have workers check for leaky hoses, damaged brakes, seat belt function, fluid levels and every other item on the OSHA standardized checklist.

The next thing to consider is how frequently you should top off fluids and replace specific parts. These issues will differ depending on each brand and manufacturer, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to the letter, if you don’t want damages to happen too frequently.

Cleaning your forklifts regularly and checking the tires for the right pressure and for hardly visible damage will also be very essential. You definitely don’t want a flat tire to happen while the forklift is in use carrying heavy loads around the factory.

How to Adequately Promote a Safety Culture in Your Warehouse

When it comes to warehouse safety, you can never be too careful. Workers can be affected by unsafe practices and faulty equipment, and it will ultimately be your responsibility to help them out if they do get injured. To avoid any unfortunate events that would hurt your employees and harm your business as well, adopting a safety culture in your warehouses should be among your top priorities.

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Proper training is the cornerstone of a safety culture. It’s important for all your employees to know the safety risks of the tasks that they are assigned to and for managers to keep in mind everything from the physical disabilities to any small psychological impairment or difficulty that a certain employee might have before assigning them to a certain task.

Preventive safety is highly essential as well. You’ll want to make sure that any safety risks are avoided as much as possible and that past issues can serve as practical teaching tools for training experts and supervisors, so that they and the employees they are responsible for will not repeat similar mistakes and use outdated, unsafe practices.

Finally, make sure that the used forklifts Denver equipment you buy is 100% safe and tested well before it is placed in your warehouse. A flimsy old rack or a faulty forklift has no place in a modern warehouse, and their structural integrity should be assessed by trained individuals each time they are put in use.

Are Your Forklifts Being Inspected Often Enough?

Regular inspections and maintenance are essential for keeping your forklift in good working condition – without proper maintenance, your forklift will become unsafe to use and it might also break down with a major fault that is not only premature, but also very expensive.

Forklift maintenance is a complex and continuous process that involves more than just regular visits by a used forklifts Denver service technician. The driver or drivers of the forklift need to inspect their vehicle each time before they start their shift, making sure that all the major systems of the equipment, including the brakes, the steering, the lights and the alarm system, are in proper working condition. Any fault, even small, seemingly insignificant ones, can render the machine unsafe to use, so instant repair needs to be ordered right after noticing a fault. The forklift must also be inspected professionally at least once a month – the service technician hired for the job must check and top up the oil and the battery and needs to inspect the major systems of the machine. If the technician notices any fault during these routine inspections, a label or sign needs to be put on the forklift to inform employees that the machine should not be used until the repair is complete.

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3 Forklift Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

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Depending on the mode of operation of the forklifts, this equipment can be divided into manual forklifts and electric forklifts. The maintenance costs of a manual forklift are low, recommending its use in workshops or commercial spaces that do not involve transporting heavy loads. On the other hand, the maintenance costs of an electric forklift are higher and involve downtime for charging the batteries.

Here are 3 forklift maintenance tips to save you money:

Train your operators.

A forklift operator who is not fully competent can cause accidents and damage to the racks, buildings and people. This is why you must train your operators properly, which will ensure that they get familiar with the equipment, and also know what to do when the forklift is not operating in prime condition. Look at http://www.preferredequipmentco.com/ for valued forklift training opportunities.

Complete your daily check-ups

Forklift drivers must inspect the trucks prior to their shift, just to ensure that they can be used safely. The daily inspection must not be neglected and includes tires, oils, water and safety items (mirrors, seatbelt, rating plate). This way, you ensure top performance as well safety of your employees.

Schedule a professional maintenance plan

You must find a certified expert and add a scheduled preventative maintenance plan to the entire forklift fleet you own.


How to Get a Fabulous Used Forklift in Denver on a Tight Budget

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Forklifts come in many shapes and sizes, and the newer ones are pretty expensive. If your company is on a tight budget, or you just don’t want to invest too much at the moment, there are ways to maximize the practical quality of the forklift you’re buying without spending a lot of money at the same time.

The first thing you need to do is to determine what type and brand of forklift you require. For that purpose, make sure you know:

  • The best brands in terms of durability;
  • The weight that your forklift will be expected to lift;
  • The maximum height your forklift will have to reach;
  • Whether you’ll be using it indoor or outdoor.

Once you’ve established these details, you can start calling forklift dealers and various other sellers in Denver, that might be willing to part with their used forklifts for a smaller price. You can inquire at equipment dealerships, forklift rental and lease companies as well as local businesses that recently bought a new forklift and are looking to get rid of their old ones.

In this day and age, with a basic online used forklifts Denver search and a few quick phone calls, you’ll find you can already start looking forward to buying an excellent used forklift in Denver at a great price.


How to Become a Certified Forklift Driver

Forklift drivers typically work in construction or warehouse distribution; they use forklifts to move heavy materials or objects.

This job requires post secondary training and certification. Candidates must be familiar with using forklifts and forklift accessories, but they are also required to be familiar with software inventory management, because they may also have to deal with the inventory.

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Getting related work experience is very important before applying for a job as a forklift driver, considering that most employers require it. In some cases, you might also get the opportunity to train for a forklift certification while on the job. Getting certified is easy and can be completed in 1-2 days. Newbies can get forklift training at a school or private company like Preferred Equipment Company http://www.preferredequipmentco.com/. They have to register for a schedule, go through classroom lecture and pass a written and a practical examination, during which their operating abilities will be tested by an instructor.

There is also an alternative: getting online certification. This method does not provide training on actual operation of a forklift, but simulates the formal education and the evaluation of the training session. Online training is very convenient, especially to employers who do not want to send their workers to school.

Searching for Forklifts – Best Places to Buy

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The handling of warehouse merchandise requires time and strength. Efficiency, in this context, is essential and the utility of the use of forklifts cannot be doubted, ensuring their stability, while optimizing the time and force required to perform these maneuvers.

There are many styles and models available, so it is not so easy to select a forklift, especially if you are not so familiar with this type of equipment, so you should determine your warehousing needs and then ask some professional advice from someone with mechanical knowledge. Make sure to consider your specific activity, the maximum load to be lifted, the required productivity etc.

Here are the most common types of used forklifts Denver suppliers offer that you can choose from:

  • Warehouse Forklift
  • Industrial Forklift
  • Side Loader
  • Pallet Jack
  • Order Picker
  • Walkie Stacker

You can choose new or second hand forklifts. New forklifts are available in specialty depots, or directly from manufacturers. As about second hand equipment, you should keep an eye for warehouse liquidations in your area. Also, in some cases, you might need to purchase over the internet; remember to ask for extensive details, lots of photos and even videos, warranty availability, transportation options and payment details.

How to Get Rid of Excess Warehouse Equipment

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If you are responsible for optimizing the operations of your warehouse and you have just found that there are several unused, but functional machines in your warehouse, here are some tips for you about how to get rid of them:

  • Contact a nearby dealership – find out the make and model of your machines and contact a local dealership to ask them whether they sell used equipment. If they do, they might be willing to buy the machines from you for a reasonable price;
  • Become a seller on an online ads platform – these platforms are either free to use or they charge a small fee for allowing you to place your ad. Interested buyers can get in touch with you using the communication method that you specify and you can discuss the details of the transaction directly with them;
  • Become a seller on auction platforms – there are many great used forklifts Denver platforms that launch auctions on used machines. The seller will determine the minimum and the maximum price or will determine a price according to the platform’s auctioning rules, then interested buyers place their bids and the seller decides who to sell the machine to;
  • Offer your excess warehouse shelving and fork lifts directly to a company like Preferred Equipment. They buy and sell used forklifts and other warehouse equipment.