Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Warehouse Rack Removal Services

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Are you looking to dismantle some pallet racks? Warehouse liquidation can be a difficult process when you don’t have professional support for problems such as this one. Fortunately, you’ll find there are a lot of dependable and skilled warehouse rack removal experts who can help you with them, and as long as you know how to approach the process and what questions to consider, the whole job will go smoothly.

  1. How large is your warehouse and how many racks do you have? Depending on that, you’ll know which service to hire and whether or not they will need more people to get the job done in a practical amount of time.
  2. What types of racks do you own and what material are they made from? The material is very important, as it will determine the safety risk during the removal process and in some cases it might also require special steps to complete the dismantling.
  3. How old are your pallet racks? The older they are – and especially if they’re made from a material that could suffer more damage over time due to lack of maintenance – you should make sure the technicians you hire are extra careful when they begin dismantling your racks.
  4. Do you have a place to store or to move the dismantled racks to? It’s usually a good idea to move them immediately after they are dismantled or to have a proper place where you can store them and hire the same service to take them there.

How to Take Down Warehouse Racking – An Important Set of Tips

Warehouse racking has to be taken down with the greatest of care. If you don’t want yourself or your workers to be injured or to lag behind with important tasks, then you have to make sure that this process is given proper attention, so you can get it done right the first time. The alternative could lead to many problematic delays and other potential issues.

As you begin to remove the racking system, make sure that you start from the tallest racks and gradually remove the connectors and the bars that hold them together. As you remove the components make sure you place them in neatly organized categories, each assigned to one type of component.

warehouse rack removal

If you’re not sure about any of the processes required for taking down your warehouse racks, make sure you hire a dependable warehouse rack removal professional, rather than doing guesswork. Many of the components involved are made to be heavy and durable, so they can cause some serious injury if they’re not handled properly. This can especially be true when you’re handling them at various heights.

To prepare the components for shipping, place all the similar ones together and make sure to label and count them, so that all are accounted for and properly designated. Then, once they are delivered, the process of setting up your warehouse racking will go off without a hitch.



Why Does It Matter to Keep Your Warehouse Clean During Rack Removal?

A lot of business owners consider that keeping their warehouse clean should be reserved only for inspections and to hold a certain standard when it comes to aesthetics. However, the practical aspects of keeping things clean can also be very crucial, especially when you’re thinking of moving your shelves and racking systems.

Warehouse rack removal workers

Rack removal is a very intricate process, and it typically has to be done manually. Warehouse rack removal workers disconnect bolts and clips to remove horizontal beams and then break down the entire structure of the racking system. In many cases, they will need to work at considerably heights which means that any oil stains or dirt present on the floor of your warehouse can end up becoming a potential safety hazard.

Cleaning the floor and the shelves thoroughly before the rack removal process will, therefore, be very essential to the safe completion of the removal. The areas close to your pallet racks, as well as those along and around the route of your forklifts should be checked and double checked before you call in your workers to remove the racks. Once everything checks out, the proper safety measures need to be taken to ensure that the entire process will go smoothly and be completed without a hitch.

Why Training & Certification Is Important When Using Warehouse Equipment

warehouse rack removal

Warehouse equipment is diverse and corresponds to the size of the warehouse, facilitating the fullest possible use of the area and volume of storage space. The design of the warehouse must be sufficiently reliable to withstand heavy loads and to maintain its operational properties for a long period, convenient for the stacking and distribution of goods, adapted for the use of machines and mechanisms that maximize the mechanization of warehouse operations.

People who use warehouse equipment should have adequate training and certification, and this is mainly for reasons related to security and safe operation.

Workers must be familiar with proper protocols surrounding material handling, equipment and vehicles. For example, many facilities have forklift trucks, which are machines that must be driven safely. Workers must be trained every time a new system is put in place, because this way they can work more safely and responsibly. If they fail to use the equipment properly, accidents may happen, which could also translate into important losses, legal issues and business downtime.

Business owners and warehouse managers are in charge with creating warehouse rack removal procedures to ensure that the systems are working properly and workers receive proper training on how to use the available equipment.


5 Things to Consider When Safely Removing Warehouse Racks

Making the wrong decision about your warehouse rack removal can be costly. You can cause a warehouse teardown as well as accidents because of the lack of experience about dismantling these products safely, which may cost you a lot of money and slow the process down.

There are 5 essential things to consider when safely removing warehouse racks:

  • professionalism
  • experience
  • doing it right
  • avoiding accidents
  • meeting deadlines

When you have to go through a process of liquidation or downsizing of a warehouse, you will have enough stress, so you definitely do not want to add the experience of an accident. Consequently, do not trust any customer interested to buy your warehouse rack, but who can prove no track record of tearing it down safely. Removing warehouse racks is a specialized skill that requires licensed professionals who use specialized equipment.

Outsourcing the removal of you shelves and the subsequent installation in your new location is a responsible decision, which will save you from a lot of problems that may arise if you ignore the importance of safety measures involved in this process.

Professional warehouse rack removal services guarantee the safety of your personnel, but also of your racks and other supplies.  The process will be done quickly without losing money and too much time in the process.

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Pallet Rack Removal and Installation – Who to Call

Pallet racks are intended for the standardized storage of different types of pallets and are the most used solution for increasing the storage capacity by using the vertical space. They are designed to accommodate current and future needs of rational material handling. Their design contributes to better organization, good functionality, accompanied by a high level of safety.

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Installation and removal is quick and simple if performed by warehouse rack removal specialists, who come with the right tools and accessories to remove and install the pallet racks in the most convenient position and to modify the height of the crossbeams, to be able to accommodate stored products of various sizes.

The installation of pallet shelves requires an experienced team equipped with appropriate equipment. The installation must comply with the project that was created by specialists, taking into account load levels, environmental considerations, building codes and other important factors related to designing shelf systems.

The installers you hire for pallet rack installation or removal must be qualified and certified in working with this particular type of shelves. With their professional experience, they can ensure the installation/ removal of the shelves in accordance with the strictest safety standards. Professional installers also come with solutions that can help you make the most of the available space.


Guide to Liquidating Warehouse Equipment

Liquidating stocks of goods and warehouse equipment is carried out according to the legal provisions regarding the commercialization of products and services, as well as according to some methodological norms of application.

If you do this for the first time, you can expect that the equipment removal process will take a while, depending on a few aspects:

  • the warehouse will be shut down or will still be operating
  • the amount of products and equipment existing in the warehouse
  • the racking systems are bolted down to the ground

professional warehouse rack removal contractors

The best thing is to give yourself a few months in planning and finishing the liquidation process. Things will go significantly smoother if you hire a professional warehouse rack removal contractors. It will not only help you get the job done right, but will provide other benefits:

  • You will save time and increase sales revenue
  • A professional liquidation company is affordable, because the liquidation services pay for themselves considering that you gain more money from selling your equipment. You will receive an offer and you can be sure that it comes from specialists who really understand the value of the equipment.
  • As for the actual liquidation process, the procedure starts with the evaluation, continues with the sale of items and, in the end, the liquidation company will deal with dismantling the racking and shelving equipment and sell them separately, to increase your total sales revenue.



Warehouse Management Tips

Efficient warehouse management is essential for the proper functioning of your business and also a challenging task that requires accurate and thorough planning and lots of other decisions.

warehouse management - warehouse rack removal

Here are some tips to streamline the operations of your warehouse:

  • Use a fast and reliable tracking software – whatever type of materials or products you store in your warehouse, you need a software that records any movement in real time and provides you an accurate report about your inventory at all time. The software needs to be able to track quantities as well as sales by clients to make forecasting and reordering more efficient, too;
  • Think out of the box – many companies make the mistake of keeping the layout that was developed years or decades ago. If your company’s warehousing needs have changed, there is no reason why you should stick to an old warehouse layout, so don’t be afraid to come up with new solutions;
  • Initiate warehouse rack removal of older outdated systems and construct and implement an improved pallet racking system – pallet racking is among the easiest-to-use and the most space-efficient warehousing systems and it is also suitable for most types of products and materials. If you are using a different system, consider the transition – the superior efficiency offered is worth the investment into implementing the new system.

How to Plan a Warehouse Move

Warehouses largely contribute to the efficiency and productivity of different businesses, in today’s supply chain. In this context, many warehouses expand, move or change the distribution process.

The thought of moving an entire warehouse is overwhelming and requires a lot of work, organizational skills and a solid plan. The first aspect you need to consider is estimating the required man hours, because you will probably operate even in the midst of the move. The working schedule will likely be reduced and modified until you are able to go back to regular warehouse operation, so you should plan ahead these details and communicate with your employees. Keep them updated about the move, give them an agenda and tell them your expectations about their duties during this period.

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The next step is to organize your inventory, get rid of things you do not need and carefully plan the deliveries to your new location.

Moving your warehouse may also require some special equipment and supplies (forklifts, pallets packing tape, surface protection film, special safety gear etc.). Make a list and get everything you need in time. Warehouse management pros at can provide knowledgeable warehouse services as needed.

Additionally, think about transferring certain services you will need on your new location: internet, electricity etc. You will also have to change your business address and deal with mail forwarding.



Different Methods of Organizing Your Warehouse Space

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Warehouses are buildings used for storing goods and spaces in which the layout is essential for making usage efficient. There are many different ways to organize the goods in the warehouse – here are some of the most common methods:

  • The method based on SKU’s – SKU is the abbreviation for stock keeping units, that is, types of products, such as different types of fruits (if you have peaches and bananas in your warehouse, the two types of fruits will be considered two stock keeping units). The SKU-based method places each individual product type in a specific place and is suitable for storing few product types, each of which is stored in large quantities;
  • Job lot storage – this method divides the storage space based not on the products, but on the clients that have ordered product. This is also the preferred solution for logistics companies that rent their warehouse space to other companies;
  • Crossdocking – this is one of the best and most efficient forms of warehousing, but it requires lots of space, so it is the preferred solution for large companies. The method consists of storing the goods in smaller batches, making them readily available to interested buyers. The large product lots are broken down into smaller units, often stored individually.

If you are setting up a new warehouse, or organizing a warehouse you currently manage, and need help with warehouse rack removal, please give Preferred Equipment Company a call for excellent and trustworthy service.