Understanding Pallet Rack Frame Capacity – What You Should Really Know

Pallet racks are very efficient and practical when it comes to the flow of your business, and most businesses have been using them successfully for many years. However, there are some details that many people don’t really know about pallet racks, including the pivotal importance of their frame capacity.

As you might know, pallet racks use an ingenious frame and rack system that allows your workers to always keep the oldest crates or boxes closest to the place where they have to exit the rack. This is based on the FIFO (first in first out) concept that continues to be used by many companies, especially those producing or handling perishables that have an expiration date.

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Now, depending on the products you load onto your pallet racks, there is a possibility that the entire rack can fail and come crashing down. Businesses that sell used shelving in Denver corroborate that this is not only a concern when it comes to the money you might lose and the products that could be destroyed, but also when it comes to the injuries and possible life loss of your employees.

For safety purposes, it is extremely crucial that company owners ascertain how heavy the individual and collective loads of crates or boxes can be when they are supported by the pallet racks they use. The pallet rack frame capacity will tell you exactly how much weight can be supported, so you can organize your goods accordingly and make sure that you always remain below that value to avoid any unwanted accidents.