What to Consider When Moving Your Operation to a New Site

Moving your business to a new site can be motivated by multiple issues. You might have to cut down on spending, and a large property needs a lot of work. Alternatively, your business could be expanding, and you might need a larger place for your warehouses and production buildings.

Rack removal

Rack removal during relocation is a very important thing to consider. If not done properly, it can lead to delays, as well as injury, if the heavy racks fall unexpectedly. You also have to consider the various permits and inspections required at your new site before starting to bring in anything that you used to store on your racks. Removing your stock is the first order of business, and if possible, you should already be able to ship everything by the time you start with the rack removal process.

The actual process of removing your racks has to be done by professionals with each part of the racking system carefully removed and labeled. Once all the equipment and all the components of your pallet racks are delivered to the new location, it’s time to mark the layout and assist the installation experts on where and how to re-assemble your racking system. When the process is completed, all the locks, anchors and connectors have to be properly secured and double checked, to ensure that the system’s integrity and durability is maintained.