3 Forklift Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

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Depending on the mode of operation of the forklifts, this equipment can be divided into manual forklifts and electric forklifts. The maintenance costs of a manual forklift are low, recommending its use in workshops or commercial spaces that do not involve transporting heavy loads. On the other hand, the maintenance costs of an electric forklift are higher and involve downtime for charging the batteries.

Here are 3 forklift maintenance tips to save you money:

Train your operators.

A forklift operator who is not fully competent can cause accidents and damage to the racks, buildings and people. This is why you must train your operators properly, which will ensure that they get familiar with the equipment, and also know what to do when the forklift is not operating in prime condition. Look at https://www.preferredequipmentco.com/ for valued forklift training opportunities.

Complete your daily check-ups

Forklift drivers must inspect the trucks prior to their shift, just to ensure that they can be used safely. The daily inspection must not be neglected and includes tires, oils, water and safety items (mirrors, seatbelt, rating plate). This way, you ensure top performance as well safety of your employees.

Schedule a professional maintenance plan

You must find a certified expert and add a scheduled preventative maintenance plan to the entire forklift fleet you own.