Don’t Pack It. Stack It!

to increase storage look for places that sell pallet racking

Storage and material handling are complex processes that require lots of skills, practical thinking as well as knowledge about the various warehousing techniques. The process also involves continuous decision making about how and where to pack the goods, whether to store them horizontally or to stack them vertically. Fortunately, the latter solution is suitable for most goods – here are some tips to do it right:

  • Pack heavy goods first – one of the most important things that you need with your stacks is stability. To achieve it, make sure that the heaviest goods are packed first, that way your stacked column will not fall over;
  • Pack your goods on pallets and stack the pallets on racks; To increase vertical storage options, look for places that sell pallet racking for purchasing.
  • Make sure that the goods packed on the pallets do not hang over the pallet edges – pack the goods so that they cover the entire surface of the pallet, reaching as close to the edges as possible, but not overhanging those edges;
  • Create an overlapping pattern – the packing method that allows for the highest level of safety and stability is brick-style, that is, placing boxes like you would be laying bricks;
  • Don’t stack smaller items on the top – that would create a pyramid-like structure that poses many risks. Try to find the right place for smaller boxes by mixing them with larger items, that way your structure will be stable and safe.