How to Plan a Warehouse Move

Warehouses largely contribute to the efficiency and productivity of different businesses, in today’s supply chain. In this context, many warehouses expand, move or change the distribution process.

The thought of moving an entire warehouse is overwhelming and requires a lot of work, organizational skills and a solid plan. The first aspect you need to consider is estimating the required man hours, because you will probably operate even in the midst of the move. The working schedule will likely be reduced and modified until you are able to go back to regular warehouse operation, so you should plan ahead these details and communicate with your employees. Keep them updated about the move, give them an agenda and tell them your expectations about their duties during this period.

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The next step is to organize your inventory, get rid of things you do not need and carefully plan the deliveries to your new location.

Moving your warehouse may also require some special equipment and supplies (forklifts, pallets packing tape, surface protection film, special safety gear etc.). Make a list and get everything you need in time. Warehouse management pros at can provide knowledgeable warehouse services as needed.

Additionally, think about transferring certain services you will need on your new location: internet, electricity etc. You will also have to change your business address and deal with mail forwarding.