Product Innovations in Pallet Racks

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Pallet racking systems are already among the most modern, most popular and most versatile systems used for storing merchandise in warehouses, but there is space for innovation even with these advanced solutions. Here are some areas in which you can find innovative options:

  • Bolted connections – the most common method used for connecting the elements of pallet racks is welding, but the most modern racks today use bolts for making the connections stronger and the transport of the racks easier;
  • Customized solutions – the technologies used for manufacturing pallet racking systems are evolving and so are the customizable solutions available for clients who have special needs. Innovative methods today allow for creating racking systems to meet the client’s needs and requirements in terms of sizing, material and operation;
  • Advanced repair solutions – more and more techniques are invented to restore the strength of used pallet racks. According to restored pallet racks Denver Colorado dealers, very often, the racking systems are stronger, more attractive and they also offer more functionality than new ones, so paying less for used racks and hiring a specialized company for the restoration as well as for the reconfiguration and the installation is a great, modern solution that offers your company lots of benefits.