Read This Before You Remodel Your Warehouse

Are you planning to remodel your warehouse? This is an expensive project and it will affect your entire supply chain operations, so you must get it right from the get go. Here are tips from the experts at Preferred Equipment Company on some of the most important aspects you should consider during the planning phase:

  1. Expand Storage Space Upwards

You cannot increase the surface of your warehouse, but you can install taller racking systems. Vertical space is at a premium in all warehouses, so make sure that you make the most of if.

  1. Design Aisles to Improve Workflow

Coming back down to earth, make sure that each inch of the floor plan is carefully accounted for. Create traffic aisles for pedestrians and warehouse vehicles, specially designated area for storing empty packages and for loading/unloading boxes, so that you have a smooth workflow, without interruptions.

  1. Plan a Technology Friendly Warehouse

Manual labor is no longer feasible in large warehouses. Smart robots and self driving vehicles do the heavy lifting and they need to be taken into account when planning your warehouse redesign. Many such devices need special markers to learn their route and accessible racking systems to manipulate items and palletized goods.

  1. Create a Safer Workplace

Warehouse remodeling should focus on employee safety. Elements such as anti-slip floors, clear traffic markers for pedestrians and signaling for hazardous area must be included in the design of your new warehouse.

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