Space Saving Ideas for Your Commercial Warehouse

warehouse liquidation

A chaotic, overburdened warehouse, in which locating items takes long or, even worse, is impossible can cause huge financial damage to the company operating that warehouse. Fortunately, even the messiest warehouse can be transformed into an efficient space – here are some tips:

  • A thorough evaluation – if your business is constantly facing warehousing issues, the first step towards a solution is a thorough evaluation of the current situation. Take a look at your current racking system, evaluate your picking methods and your inventory management system, then identify the weak points that need to be addressed;
  • Figure out how you could use vertical space more efficiently – your limited horizontal space can be safely and easily enlarged upward. If you have not used palette racking before, think about how you could implement it now; Look for cost saving warehouse liquidation opportunities to find quality warehouse products like shelving at a reduced price.
  • Don’t forget about aisles – the width of the space between the racks is essential for efficient picking, so don’t try to save space there;
  • Don’t cram more into your warehouse than it can take – if you have lots of overstock, you might want to consider getting external storage space for the goods that are not sold that frequently, but that you want to keep in your inventory, nevertheless.