3 Tips to Avoid Safety Issues When Dismantling Pallet Racks

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As far as the safety of warehouse workers is concerned, it is very important to know how to avoid safety issues when having to dismantle pallet racks. Pallet racks can be dangerous, and it is very important to be aware of this fact while working with them.

  1. Make sure your staff gets familiar with the regulatory and safety-related aspects of disassembling pallet racks, for several good reasons. Training your employees in this respect will ensure that the job will be done more efficiently and safely, and that you will have no problems in case of inspections. Ensuring a safe operation will certainly increase productivity and relieve stress.
  2. Employees should learn how to handle various components of pallet racking –this is essential and should not be neglected, otherwise safety hazards may occur;
  3. Not understanding the design properly may be another issue while working to dismantle pallet racks. As there are various types of racks for different needs, the people who do the disassembly should be familiar with various types of racks in order to do a quick and painless job.

In case of doubt or if your employees lack the required training, you should call on a reputable rack removal team and have the job done in no time.



Can You Remove and Relocate Pallet Racks on Your Own?

Buying everything new when you relocate your factory or warehouse might seem like the right idea a lot of the time. However, if your pallet racks are still relatively new and fully functional, then you might want to consider saving some money and simply dismantling them so you can transport them to your new location and install them there.

Now, the question isn’t really whether or not you and/or some of your employees could remove the racks on your own. After some time and following a more or less steep learning curve, the process could be completed. However, the real issue is that you will not only be wasting a lot of time, but you’ll also have to deal with the very real risks associated with removing large racks made from heavy metallic elements that could seriously injure someone if they aren’t removed or handled properly.

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Most experts will rather recommend that you hire a professional rack removal service for dismantling and removing your pallet racks as safely and as quickly as possible. Since they handle this type of work just about every day, they’ll be fully aware of the pitfalls and challenges that have to be faced and overcome, and they’ll know how to guard against accidents and injuries. In fact, the best approach would be to also hire them to install the old pallet racks inside your new warehouse as well, so you can be up and running again as soon as possible.

Why Hire a Professional Warehouse Rack Removal Company

Whether you are relocating or remodeling your warehouse, you need the existing racking system removed. You may be tempted to save money and get your own employees to perform this task.

Here is why you should consider hiring Preferred Equipment Company rack removal specialists:

  1. No Accidents

Your employees are not trained to dismantle and remove racking systems. Thus, they may suffer accidents and get injured. Your business will be then liable to pay them workers’ comp benefits.

Rack removal companies have trained staff that know exactly what to do to remove your racking safely.

  1. No Damage to the Racks

If you are relocating your warehouse, you will need your racking system in good condition. Thus, you should hire a rack removal company, which is specialized in various racking systems and knows how to dismantle them without causing damage.

Moreover, they will safely transport them to the new location. Also, you can hire the same company to re-assemble the racking in the warehouse.

  1. Save Time

You don’t have all the time in the world to wait until the racking is completely removed. You need it done by a certain date. If you hire professionals, they will guarantee you that the job will be done by the agreed date.

What to Consider When Moving Your Operation to a New Site

Moving your business to a new site can be motivated by multiple issues. You might have to cut down on spending, and a large property needs a lot of work. Alternatively, your business could be expanding, and you might need a larger place for your warehouses and production buildings.

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Rack removal during relocation is a very important thing to consider. If not done properly, it can lead to delays, as well as injury, if the heavy racks fall unexpectedly. You also have to consider the various permits and inspections required at your new site before starting to bring in anything that you used to store on your racks. Removing your stock is the first order of business, and if possible, you should already be able to ship everything by the time you start with the rack removal process.

The actual process of removing your racks has to be done by professionals with each part of the racking system carefully removed and labeled. Once all the equipment and all the components of your pallet racks are delivered to the new location, it’s time to mark the layout and assist the installation experts on where and how to re-assemble your racking system. When the process is completed, all the locks, anchors and connectors have to be properly secured and double checked, to ensure that the system’s integrity and durability is maintained.

What Should You Look for in a Great Warehouse Manager Candidate?

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What is it that makes a warehouse manager truly great? While the job itself might not be as physically taxing as others, you’ll find that it holds a lot of responsibility as well as considerable pressure. So make sure that any candidate you find will have the following qualities:

  • The first thing you have to consider is that your warehouse manager will need to take responsibility for everything that goes on inside the warehouse. As such, they need to have leadership qualities and be able to mobilize workers, organize tasks and keep track of important safety regulations as efficiently as possible.
  • Attention to detail is definitely another good trait that a good warehouse manager candidate needs to have. For smooth operation, keeping track of the largest and smallest details like strategic rack removal and re-installation and employee training services might not only be generally important, but also very crucial.
  • Knowledge of newer forklift technologies and the use of sturdier and more advanced rack installations can also be a big plus. You’ll want someone whom you don’t have to train too long, especially regarding the safety considerations of working with tall racks and heavy forklifts.
  • Finally, make sure your candidate has good analytic skills and a creative approach to problem solving. Those traits may prove to be extremely essential when you’re dealing with a crisis situation.

What Should You Know About Rack Removal and Relocation?

When you’re moving to a new location, rack removal and dismantling can be a challenging task. As a business owner, you might want to relocate to a new city, expand and move one or more of your wares and racks to newer, larger warehouses with better facilities, or just reconfigure the current layout to allow for better movement and increased productivity. All these options require experienced rack removal and reassembly.

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Once you’ve removed all the items stored on your racks, it’s time to dismantle the racks themselves. This process has to be done very carefully because of the possibility of injury and damage, as well as the need to reassemble the racks later on in an effective way. Because warehouse racks are designed to be durable, the disassembly process has to involve careful consideration, and in most cases you’ll want to hire a team of experts to do it instead of tasking your own employees for the job.

You have to make sure that each element is removed safely and without sustaining damage. Then each part should be carefully labeled and loaded onto the right truck, while ensuring that it’s fastened securely so that it won’t be damaged during transit. Safe and efficient rack removal is essential not just for safety purposes, but also to avoid damages that could cost you a lot of money down the line.

How to Sell Used Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse owners or managers may look into selling used Warehouse equipment for different reasons.  Some may relocate, others may look for an upgrade, or simply make a change in their operation.

Regardless the reason for selling your used warehouse equipment, you will need a rack removal team specialized in disassembling and cleaning unneeded equipment.

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When you start looking for such a team, you will soon find out that some of these specialists are also dedicated to purchase at least some of your unneeded equipment.

Warehouse equipment is typically massive and, unless you find out someone to sell it to, you will have to send it to scrap.  The thing is you will not get any deal for this, and your initial investment in that equipment will be just gone.

That is why you will have to do your best to sell your used warehouse equipment.  You can get a fair price for your racking and shelving, which will mean extra money in your pocket besides the convenience of getting rid of all the equipment you no longer need. With a professional team, this entire process will go smoothly and you will be able to focus on your next move.

Why Used Shelving Saves Your Business Money

The watchword for many metal shelving models is “flexibility.” If you do not have a big budget, your business is still new on the market and you are trying to get it up and running, you can also opt for used metal shelves. They come at a lower price, and their technical condition is good enough to be able to use them for a long time. Storage solutions with metal shelves help you to maximize your profit every month.

Besides the fact that the use of second hand shelves offers the benefit of low purchasing price, there are other advantages that can save your business money in the long run.

  • As in the case of new shelves, when it comes to used shelves you can buy different types, depending on your needs.
  • Given that metal shelves are very difficult to damage, you can buy used metal shelves not only in perfect condition but you can also get warranty, this last aspect depending on where you buy the shelf.
  • The possibility to re-sell the second hand shelves represents another significant advantage. According to rack removal providers, metal shelves are extremely durable and difficult to damage, which means that their price will not depreciate much over time.
  • Because they are in good working condition, used metal shelves do not require frequent repairs maintenance operations.

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How Can You Find Warehouse Rack Removal and Installation Services

If your business is growing, sooner or later you will need a new warehouse or you will need to enlarge your existing space – and in both cases, you will need a solution to remove or to relocate and to install pallet racks.

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Here is how you can find the service that you need for the relocation and the installation:

  • Recommendations from other businesses – if you know other businesses, either on the area where your warehouse is located or through your business contacts, you can ask them to provide you with references;
  • Online resources – another great way to search for rack removal and installation services is on the internet. Most companies that provide such services run their own websites and a simple query will return lots of results that you can check before you pick your rack removal service provider;
  • Turn to the company that installed your pallet racking system initially – most companies in the business offer not only installation, but rack removal services as well, so turning to the company that installed your racks initially is a great idea. Even if that company does not provide removal services, they might know a company that provides such services and they might be willing to help you out.

What Can You Expect of a Warehouse Service Company

Warehousing is an essential component of the logistics process in any company that maneuvers large quantities of goods. While some companies choose to handle the entire process on their own, any firms outsource the process to a warehouse service company – here is what you can expect of these service providers:

  • Pick and pack – one of the services offered by these companies is the reception of truckloads or trainloads on behalf of their client, disassembling the cargo, repackaging the items for specific destinations and labeling packages;

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  • Warehouse design – as warehouse operations specialists, services may include installing pallet racks, equipment placement, training, or initiating tear down rack removal as needed.
  • Sub-assembly – many warehouse services undertake simple sub-assembly work on behalf of their clients. The sub-assembly is usually just a part of procedures handled by the warehouse company, the complete process usually includes the packaging, the labeling and the shipping of the sub-assembled goods;
  • Space for a vendor-managed inventory – vendor-managed inventory is a business model in which the supplier maintains an inventory of certain products based on the instructions received from a major client, so that the client have access to those important products at all time. Many suppliers turn to warehouse service companies for providing the dedicated space necessary for such inventory and might also use the warehouse service for managing the client’s orders.