How to Sell Your Pallet Racking and Shelving More Effectively

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Some might argue that pallet racks practically sell themselves as long as they are sturdy and undamaged. Wear and tear can be a problem sometimes, but in most cases the damage is minimal and can be repaired by specialists. Selling your old pallet racks and shelves can be a lucrative initiative, especially these days, as COVID-19 measures still restrict business operations, and you might not need as large a stock as you used to.

The best approach to selling pallet racks and shelves is to focus on providing accurate facts about their materials, construction, size and dimensions. Also, focusing on the positive qualities of pallet racking systems can work a lot in your favor. Some business owners are just getting started with pallet racking, and seeing that you provide accurate information about your racks and shelves will inspire more confidence in them. In fact, they might not only buy your pallet racks, but also be open to do business with you in the future.

A great method to sell pallet racking is also to promote them online – either through social media, specialty websites, auction sites, or even by using your own website. Digital marketing is a great way to promote and sell just about anything you want, as businesses are using the internet and mobile devices more and more to find great deals and items such as shelves and pallet racks.

The Best Practices You Can Consider in Organizing Pallet Racks

The first thing you need to consider is that it’s essential to use pallet racks as they were intended to be used: in a pallet racking system. This will ensure that your warehouse is profitable and that the usefulness of the equipment you buy can be entirely maximized.

Speaking of your equipment (and the pallet racks themselves, for that matter), when you buy them make sure you always put function over appearance. A larger or better looking pallet rack is not necessarily going to be the ideal choice for your warehouse. According to businesses that sell pallet racking, you have to consider the tools you have at your disposal for accessing the racks, the time required for each task and the necessary structural resilience of the racks when it comes to supporting the weight of your stored items.

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Just because a certain strategy for managing your pallet racks has worked for years, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. There might be ways to innovate and improve the flow of your operations, depending on the types of goods you cycle through your racking system and how easy or hard it is to load and unload them. Talk to other warehouse owners and come up with a unique system that will suit your warehouse’s mode of operations even better than the strategies you’ve used in the past.

What Are the Best Liquidation Pallets to Buy?

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Liquidation sales are excellent places to buy and sell pallet racking in Denver. Liquidation pallets come for favorable prices and if you can find a sale that is close to your location, the pallets can get to your warehouse easily, but you will need to perform a thorough check of each item that you buy. Here is how to make sure that your liquidation pallets are the best, indeed:

  • Buy your pallets from a reliable source – whether it is from a business that is closing down or relocating, a local distribution center or an online resource, try to verify your source and to check for reliability;
  • Bring your measuring tape – figure out the exact size of the pallets that you need and measure each pallet offered for sale before you buy anything;
  • Check for damage – any component that is cracked or broken renders a pallet useless. To avoid buying something that you cannot use, check every inch of the pallets that you are planning to buy and don’t buy anything that shows even the tiniest sign of damage;
  • Check for burn marks – many liquidation pallets have been through a fire. Check for any signs that indicate previous contact with flames and avoid the palettes that show such burn marks.



Don’t Pack It. Stack It!

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Storage and material handling are complex processes that require lots of skills, practical thinking as well as knowledge about the various warehousing techniques. The process also involves continuous decision making about how and where to pack the goods, whether to store them horizontally or to stack them vertically. Fortunately, the latter solution is suitable for most goods – here are some tips to do it right:

  • Pack heavy goods first – one of the most important things that you need with your stacks is stability. To achieve it, make sure that the heaviest goods are packed first, that way your stacked column will not fall over;
  • Pack your goods on pallets and stack the pallets on racks; To increase vertical storage options, look for places that sell pallet racking for purchasing.
  • Make sure that the goods packed on the pallets do not hang over the pallet edges – pack the goods so that they cover the entire surface of the pallet, reaching as close to the edges as possible, but not overhanging those edges;
  • Create an overlapping pattern – the packing method that allows for the highest level of safety and stability is brick-style, that is, placing boxes like you would be laying bricks;
  • Don’t stack smaller items on the top – that would create a pyramid-like structure that poses many risks. Try to find the right place for smaller boxes by mixing them with larger items, that way your structure will be stable and safe.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Used Pallet Racking

If your warehouse needs to be more efficient and you have been thinking of achieving that goal by installing pallet racking, you must know that ordering an expensive new system is not the only way – second-hand systems are just as durable as new ones and they offer the same durability and resistance for the fraction of the price of new racks. Here is where you can find second-hand pallet racking systems:

  • Specialized companies online sell pallet racking – today, there are many companies that specialize in selling second-hand warehouse equipment. Most of them have their own website on which you can check out their inventories and where you can find their contact details, so entering a quick query is surely worth a quick query;
  • Figure out what you want – knowing the parameters of the racks that you need is essential for getting exactly the racks that the racks that you need. Measure either your existing racks or the space that you want to fill with racks horizontally as well as vertically and also calculate the loads that your racks need to support – you must know that not all racks are made to support extreme weights, so you need to know exactly what capacity you need.

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The Most Important Advantages of Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a system for material handling and warehouse storage that stores materials and products on pallets organized on horizontal rows, in multiple levels. The pallets are usually handled with the help of forklifts or with other types of motorized lifting equipment. The method has lots of great benefits for any warehouse – here are some:

  • Maximized usage of square footage – pallet racking allows you to store pallets vertically, too, the method being preferred for offering maximized usage of the available space;
  • Quick access to products – whether your warehouse uses a first in, first out system, a last in first out system or any other ordering and inventory control method, pallet racking makes pallets easy to access throughout the warehouse;
  • Warehouse safety – the racks used by pallet racking systems are usually custom-made to meet the specific needs of the client’s warehouse, therefore the racking systems provided ensure the highest level of safety while moving pallets;
  • Improved profit – pallet racking systems ensure accurate, up-to-date information regarding the inventory, therefore they make reordering and finding other efficient customer service solutions easier and more efficient. Pallet racking also makes the work of the warehouse staff more efficient by reducing the time that staff members spend finding the product they need to take from the warehouse.

There are many businesses that can benefit with your unused warehouse equipment. If you are looking to sell pallet racking, call Preferred Equipment for competitive pricing.

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How Investing in Pallet Racking Can Help You Save Space

Pallet racking is a system for storing goods that uses pallets placed on special shelves, in horizontal rows that consist of multiple levels. The system is today common in all industry segments and business types, in manufacturing plants as well as in logistics and retail centers, the method being appreciated for its ability to maximize the usage of the available storage space.

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Here is how:

  • The pallet racking system in itself takes up very little space – the racks are made from resistant and durable steel profiles that are very thin and can extend all the way to the ceiling;
  • Pallet racking uses space horizontally as well as vertically, thus maximizing storage capacity;
  • Versatile sizing options – pallet racks come in a variety of sizes and types, so each warehouse can be fitted with the racks that suit the size of the pallets and of the products to be stored; You can look for companies that sell pallet racking and do your due diligence to make sure you get the best pricing.
  • Pallet racking is adaptable – many pallet racking systems are easy to assemble and to disassemble and they are also freely customizable to meet changed needs;
  • Easy usage and high visibility – these features contribute to streamlining business process and to maximizing the flow of products in and out of the warehouse.

Keeping Your Warehouse Orderly: What Are Pallet Racks Used for?

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There’s a lot riding on keeping your warehouse in good order. You have to make sure that all the packages and resources you have are accounted for and that your logistics team knows exactly where to find them and how to access them as easily as possible at any given time.

This is precisely what pallet racks were designed for. A pallet racking system is a system that stores items and boxes on horizontal racks with skids on them. The racks are usually slightly sloped, so that when a new item is added, it will immediately slide onto the other side of the rack. That way, the FIFO principle (First In First Out) can be respected, and older items won’t be left on the rack for too long, so you can easily make sure that they don’t lose their viability.

Pallet racks also have the benefit of keeping things more organized. While in the past, you had to use racks that allowed the individual accessing of each item, today you can have items on your racks somewhere in the middle of a huge pile, and you can still be sure that it’s easy to access. As soon as you remove the items that are on a lower part of the rack than it is located, your desired item will just slide down to the lowest point of the pallet rack, where your workers can remove it.

For affordability, look for discount warehouse supply companies who sell pallet racking. You can find a great product to improve the organization of your commercial warehouse.