New vs. Used Forklifts in Colorado: the Pros. and Cons.

The biggest advantage of investing in used forklifts Colorado is the price. Forklifts usually sell for thousands of dollars when new. Used forklifts go for much less than that. Also, with second-hand used forklifts, you don’t have to worry about recalls and other problems newer models may face. Moreover, as opposed to new ones, used forklifts aren’t subject to depreciation. Any new machinery depreciates heavily the first time you use it, and continues to do so for the rest of its working life. Second-hand machinery doesn’t lose its value. And even if you don’t get as much on it as you paid, you still can get a lot of work done with it until you need to sell it.

Another advantage that used forklifts have over new ones is ease of operation. New forklift models nowadays often come with designs that would puzzle even the most experienced operators, so it will take a while until they learn to master them. On the other hand, when you buy used, the operator is usually already familiar with the machine’s design and functionality, so they will easily do their job without having to spend time training or trying to figure out how everything works.

The only disadvantage of buying used forklifts in Colorado over new ones is that you must pay attention at the state they’re to make sure they’ll perform properly. Make sure that you carefully inspect the engine and all the parts of the ones you want to buy before closing the deal, and you will certainly benefit enjoy your forklift for a long time to come.

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Why You Need to Be Very Careful When Purchasing Used Forklifts

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Many businesses depend a lot on forklifts for operating on a daily basis. And acquiring used forklifts in Denver can help you save money, while also ensuring the fact that those forklifts have already been tested at other workplaces and proved to be well-functioning and in a good state. However, there are certain things you should be careful about when purchasing used machinery.

For example, you need to know whether you will be using those forklifts for more than four hours per day. In other words, you need to carefully consider whether the used forklifts you intend on buying can do the jobs you need them for.

Because not all forklifts are equal, it is best to choose a reliable manufacturer. Ideally you could use the exact manufacturer you have previously used, or you can ask for recommendations from the part of experts or companies which are similar to yours. Checking the paperwork certainly is worth every minute of it. You should look at the identity plates, the CE certificate –and if it is in correct, coherent language, or at the labels and warnings on the forklift- again, they should be written in the correct language. Asking an experienced operator to try the forklifts before buying them would also be a very good idea.


Important Safety Courses That All Warehouse Staff Should Complete

When you’re looking to hire employees for a new warehouse, it’s very important to have them trained properly, especially when it comes to safety training. The following tips should get you off the ground in this regard, although they should by no means be considered a complete set of guidelines for managing your warehouse staff:

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  • OSHA certificate courses are the best for warehouse staff. These courses focus primarily on safety and are designed for warehouse workers, so they can learn what to look out for when they work inside the warehouse, how to operate certain equipment, like forklifts and “milk run” trains, and what to do during a crisis situation.
  • Basic OSHA courses are also helpful when you’re training temporary staff or workers who generally just have to go in and out of the warehouse without really working there. They still require training, because any time they step into the warehouse, they expose themselves and others to safety risks.
  • Finally, it’s important for workers who are responsible for using special equipment to know how to maintain it. Technical courses are, therefore, also important for safety, since the lack of proper maintenance can lead to safety problems – especially in the case of machines like a forklift, which is used to handle and carry large and heavy loads.  Places, like Preferred Equipment, that sell used forklifts in Denver, may offer training opportunities to safely operate and maintain this equipment as well.

Top Reasons Why to Buy a Used Forklift

A forklift fleet can be one of the most important elements in your business. In case you crew cannot lift heavy items, such as really heavy product pallets, you cannot gain any financial profit. No matter if you want to improve the overall quality of your equipment or want to be able to meet the new requirements, you certainly need a certain number of forklifts. Therefore, investing in a used forklift can be an excellent idea.

used forklifts Denver

In fact, buying quality used forklifts in Denver can often offer superior benefits over getting new ones, for several reasons. First of all, you may need urgent replacement for one or more of your forklifts. This can happen if you have equipment which can no longer be repaired. Also, it may happen for the repair cost to be more than the overall cost of a used, but well-functioning item.

Another essential reason why it may be a good idea to invest in a used forklift is the fact that you or your staff may already be familiar with design features and way of functioning. Your employees may be more accustomed to an older version of forklift than the ones currently available as new on the market.


Should I Buy Forklifts New or Used?

New or used? What kind of forklift should you choose for your business? Most business coaches agree that used forklifts make more sense, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

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Here are the reasons for this recommendation:

  1. You Will Get Full Return on Investment

Unless your forklifts are used on a daily basis in work you undertake for customers, you will never get a full ROI out of a brand new forklift. They are expensive equipment and, although they have a long lifespan, the investment is not justified if you only use your forklift to unload orders from your distributor and arrange it in the warehouse.

  1. Used Forklifts Are Well Maintained

When you go to a used forklifts Denver website, you will get full details on its operational history. Thus, you will be able to see how many years it has been in use and for what kind of operations. Resellers of used forklifts depend on the quality of their products to stay in business, so you can be sure that you won’t get an old and worn-out piece of equipment.

  1. You Will Get a Quick Delivery

Used forklifts are ready to ship at any given moment. You sign the deal, pay the price and you have your forklift delivered in a few days. With new models, you may have to wait for weeks until it is delivered from a central storage yard. Also, new models come with various customization options you may be tempted to choose, and this means an even longer waiting time until delivery. 

A Quick and Simple Spring Forklift Maintenance Guide and Checklist

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Spring forklift maintenance is an extremely important matter for anyone who wants to run a tight ship and ensure that their forklift operators and warehouse workers are safe. The following checklist should get you started with examining the most essential elements and parts of your forklifts once spring arrives:


  • Begin by checking for general wear and tear and making sure that your forklifts’ battery, cables and spark plugs are not degraded. These initial tasks are extremely important in terms of forklift maintenance, and can have a huge impact on how your forklift behaves and how frequently you’ll need to repair it.
  • The air intake system should be completely sealed for the forklift to operate correctly. So it’s a good idea to inspect the system in the spring, before giving your forklift the green light.
  • The steering system should be examined carefully to make sure that it’s working properly. Poor steering can easily lead to accidents and further damage.
  • The tire pressure, transmission fluid levels and any other elements that could lead to poor functioning and accidents should be checked as thoroughly as possible. Bad tire pressure is especially dangerous, as you will not want one of the tires to blow while your forklift operator is tackling an especially heavy or fragile load.
  • Examine the brakes to make sure the forklift can stop properly when it’s in transit. According to quality used forklifts Denver mechanics, accidents resulting from damaged braking systems are actually more common than you think.

Important Things to Know About Operating Forklifts in the Winter

Operating forklifts can be difficult and tiring even in the best of circumstances. But driving them around and operating them in small spaces during the winter can be even more challenging. If you plan to expand your business and use forklifts in your new warehouse, it’s a good idea to look up the main details of what you need to know about operating a forklift in winter.

The basic idea is that, like a car, a forklift has certain elements and components that can perform differently during the winter. For example, the tires are very important, and you have to make sure that your forklifts are equipped with proper winter tires. This is a safety issue, as the lack of winter tires can end in disaster and possible injury.

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The use of top quality hydraulic fluid is also very essential when handling forklifts. The issue here is that the fluid is important for keeping the strength of your forklift consistent – a detail that matters a great deal when you’re using the forklift to lift uncommonly heavy loads.

Finally, warehouse suppliers that sell affordable used forklifts in Denver tell us that it’s a good idea to buy any relevant forklift attachments that your forklifts might need and make sure that you schedule a complete technical checkup for all the forklifts you have in your care.

The Most Essential Forklift Maintenance Tasks You Need to Keep in Mind

Safety is very important when operating forklifts, and with that in mind, you also have to consider the technical aspects of the machine. Forklift maintenance is not just designed to help prevent damage and lower repair costs, but also to keep your workers safe, whether they are operating the forklift or just walking nearby.Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists

Daily inspection is one of the most important elements to consider. Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists encourage daily inspections prior to using forklifts as any small damage or control issue can lead to disastrous consequences. Have workers check for leaky hoses, damaged brakes, seat belt function, fluid levels and every other item on the OSHA standardized checklist.

The next thing to consider is how frequently you should top off fluids and replace specific parts. These issues will differ depending on each brand and manufacturer, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to the letter, if you don’t want damages to happen too frequently.

Cleaning your forklifts regularly and checking the tires for the right pressure and for hardly visible damage will also be very essential. You definitely don’t want a flat tire to happen while the forklift is in use carrying heavy loads around the factory.

How to Adequately Promote a Safety Culture in Your Warehouse

When it comes to warehouse safety, you can never be too careful. Workers can be affected by unsafe practices and faulty equipment, and it will ultimately be your responsibility to help them out if they do get injured. To avoid any unfortunate events that would hurt your employees and harm your business as well, adopting a safety culture in your warehouses should be among your top priorities.

warehouse and used equipment safety training

Proper training is the cornerstone of a safety culture. It’s important for all your employees to know the safety risks of the tasks that they are assigned to and for managers to keep in mind everything from the physical disabilities to any small psychological impairment or difficulty that a certain employee might have before assigning them to a certain task.

Preventive safety is highly essential as well. You’ll want to make sure that any safety risks are avoided as much as possible and that past issues can serve as practical teaching tools for training experts and supervisors, so that they and the employees they are responsible for will not repeat similar mistakes and use outdated, unsafe practices.

Finally, make sure that the used forklifts Denver equipment you buy is 100% safe and tested well before it is placed in your warehouse. A flimsy old rack or a faulty forklift has no place in a modern warehouse, and their structural integrity should be assessed by trained individuals each time they are put in use.

Are Your Forklifts Being Inspected Often Enough?

Regular inspections and maintenance are essential for keeping your forklift in good working condition – without proper maintenance, your forklift will become unsafe to use and it might also break down with a major fault that is not only premature, but also very expensive.

Forklift maintenance is a complex and continuous process that involves more than just regular visits by a used forklifts Denver service technician. The driver or drivers of the forklift need to inspect their vehicle each time before they start their shift, making sure that all the major systems of the equipment, including the brakes, the steering, the lights and the alarm system, are in proper working condition. Any fault, even small, seemingly insignificant ones, can render the machine unsafe to use, so instant repair needs to be ordered right after noticing a fault. The forklift must also be inspected professionally at least once a month – the service technician hired for the job must check and top up the oil and the battery and needs to inspect the major systems of the machine. If the technician notices any fault during these routine inspections, a label or sign needs to be put on the forklift to inform employees that the machine should not be used until the repair is complete.

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