How To Remove Warehouse Clutter

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A good, efficient warehouse is clean and completely free from clutter – here are some tips from Preferred Equipment Company reps to achieve that in your warehouse as well:

  • Add bins wherever you can – there is a lot of packing and unpacking going on in warehouses and both activities tend to generate waste and clutter. Make disposing of waste materials easy by installing waste bins all over the place – emptying those bins is easier and faster than picking up clutter from the floor;
  • Reorganize the space if necessary – take a critical look at the current layout of your warehouse and try to figure out whether there is a way to make the stacking and the picking easier and more efficient. Consider the distribution of the goods based on their importance – the goods that you don’t need to access frequently can go to corners that are harder to get to, while your most frequently accessed goods should be placed in areas that can be accessed easily. Evaluate the efficiency of your space usage on the vertical axis as well – keeping goods stacked will leave you more floor space;
  • Consider getting an exterior storage unit – adding a container is an excellent way to free up warehouse space and to declutter while also keeping the items that are not frequently needed.

Tips for Remodeling your Commercial Warehouse

Remodeling your commercial warehouse can include renovation, modernization, finishes, interior and exterior repairs: masonry, plastering, gypsum-cardboard compartmentalizing, adding false ceiling, sanding, painting, siding, reconditioning floors (tiles, linoleum, mosaic, carpet etc.), doors, or adding interior and exterior thermal insulation.

Preferred Equipment Company

What do you do if you need warehouse remodeling services?

After receiving from you a request for an offer (by email, telephone, fax), the specialists will make an estimate of the work. If the offer request is complete – it contains photos from the warehouse location, technical details (dimensions, accessibility, requirements about execution time etc.) – you will receive an answer almost immediately. If the remodeling project is more extensive, the specialists – get some ideas here – will do a complete analysis after visiting the location.

Such a project can be daunting, so you need to set your budget from the very beginning and know exactly how you want your remodeled warehouse to look. Make sure you design the space so that you can categorize and place products on shelves efficiently for employees and customers alike.

Avoid being boring! Although a warehouse is not the most exciting place in the world, you can still make it look fun, vibrant and professional at the same time. You may even consider adding a comfortable sitting space and some decorative touches. Your workers will definitely enjoy coming to work more.