The Leading Cause of Warehouse Rack System Failures

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The rack system’s success or failure largely depends on warehouse owners’ and managers’ ability to deal with structural maintenance and thorough, regular inspections.

The abuse or over-use of lifting equipment may be one good cause of rack damage or failure. In this respect, another possible cause would be that of overloading the rack systems. This can cause the system not only to fail, but to collapse altogether.

The rack system’s configuration may also be altered. This configuration is usually carefully made to satisfy the customers’ needs and requirements. If you make any changes to shelf elevation, this can significantly reduce the so-called “column capacity”, further leading to rack system failure.

Your warehouse staff may lack the necessary lift equipment training. This is one of the major causes of warehouse rack system damages and failures.

Any change in operation should be dealt with great caution. Any misuse can have serious consequences on your equipment and ultimately on your business.

Many warehouse managers can be tempted to reduce rack system’s capacity in order to save costs. However, this can be a dangerous mistake with often undesirable consequences.

As a conclusion, warehouse shelving Colorado professionals recommend a proper maintenance program for your warehouse shelving system to help you prolong its life.