The Most Common Types of Forklifts

used forklifts Colorado

Forklifts come in many different types and sizes – here are the most common used forklifts Colorado classes:

  • 4-wheel counterbalance forklifts – these are the most common forklift types, offering lifting capacity that ranges between 1.5-25 tons and with a lifting range of up to 7 m;
  • 3-wheel counterbalance forklifts – these forklifts are smaller than the ones in the previous class, therefore more suitable for narrow aisles;
  • Reach trucks – these machines are the best choice for very narrow and very tall shelf rows. The lifting capacity of these forklifts is usually in the 1.4-2.0 tons range (though 3-ton units are also available) and many of them can reach heights up to 13 m;
  • Power pallet trucks – these units are smaller and used for maneuvering pallets;
  • Rough terrain forklifts – these sturdy and strong machines are equipped with suspension, which makes them suitable for operating outside the warehouse, on gravel, sand, even in mud;
  • Articulated forklifts – these units have been developed for moving in very narrow aisles, these machines are easy to maneuver and they can reach to heights over 12 m.

Most of these lifting machines are available in electric, LP gas and diesel versions, each fuel version offering specific features and benefits.