The Most Common Types of Pallet Racking Systems

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Using pallet racks is the most space-efficient way to store goods in a warehouse, a system that allows for varied arrangements and can be easily adapted to special needs. Here are some of the most common pallet racking used shelving Denver retailers offer to choose from:

  • Cantilever racking – this type of systems consists of long arms protruding from a sturdy metal frame and are mostly used for the storage of long items, such as timber, pipes and rods. These systems lack the front column, which allows easy access to the goods on the racks;
  • Drive-in systems – this type of pallet racking systems is great for saving floor space in warehouses that use last-in/first-out rotation. The system is great for warehouses that use forklifts for moving the goods and need fewer, but wider aisles;
  • Pallet flow racking – ideal for first-in/first-out systems, pallet flow racking is mostly used in warehouses that need multiple order picking levels and it works through goods stored at the higher end and removed from the lower end;
  • Selective pallet racking – all the pallets in this system are accessed from the aisles. The system allows for direct access to each pallet and it comes with the additional benefit of very easy installation.