The Most Essential Forklift Maintenance Tasks You Need to Keep in Mind

Safety is very important when operating forklifts, and with that in mind, you also have to consider the technical aspects of the machine. Forklift maintenance is not just designed to help prevent damage and lower repair costs, but also to keep your workers safe, whether they are operating the forklift or just walking nearby.Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists

Daily inspection is one of the most important elements to consider. Used forklifts Denver maintenance specialists encourage daily inspections prior to using forklifts as any small damage or control issue can lead to disastrous consequences. Have workers check for leaky hoses, damaged brakes, seat belt function, fluid levels and every other item on the OSHA standardized checklist.

The next thing to consider is how frequently you should top off fluids and replace specific parts. These issues will differ depending on each brand and manufacturer, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to the letter, if you don’t want damages to happen too frequently.

Cleaning your forklifts regularly and checking the tires for the right pressure and for hardly visible damage will also be very essential. You definitely don’t want a flat tire to happen while the forklift is in use carrying heavy loads around the factory.