The Potential Hazards of Working in a Warehouse and How to Prevent Them

Preferred Equipment Company

Dangers can happen just about anywhere, but in a warehouse with a lot of different products, something is bound to go wrong, if the correct safety procedures are not observed. The following are just some of the hazards that may occur in a warehouse and some essential tips offered by Preferred Equipment Company representatives on how to counter them:

  1. Forklift accidents can happen at any time, and it’s very important to be prepared. If your forklift hasn’t been checked for technical issues in a while, it’s time to bring in an expert and get it done as soon as possible. Also, make sure that your pallet racks receive a thorough inspection as well, since any problem with structural integrity can cause an accident to go from bad to worse.
  2. Make sure you keep track of the maximum weight that your racks and shelves support. Also, keep track of the weight of products placed on the racks in bulk. In a large warehouse with a lot of different types of products all over the place, it’s easy to make a mistake and overload a rack, leading to some serious damage and a potentially dangerous accident.
  3. Keep track of flammable and dangerous substances that can lead to a fire or a dangerous spill. The proper placement of such items and substances can be crucial to avoiding a damaging catastrophe like a large fire or a biohazard spill that will require intervention from a spill cleanup service and halt operations for a significant amount of time.