Tips for Improving Warehouse Storage Capacity

Typically, the operations of a warehouse become difficult, almost impossible, when it reaches 80-85% of its capacity – that is the capacity when pallet movement becomes not only difficult, but almost impossible. Here are some tips about how to avoid that point:

  • Eliminate overstock – the first and most important task to resolve is to analyze your stock movements and to identify the products or items that fail to fulfill your expectations in terms of stock movement. You can decide to sell the stock in question for discounted prices or you can move it elsewhere to make room for products that move faster;
  • Use the vertical space available – check whether you have any space that you can use vertically. If you have such space available, evaluate your stock to determine whether you have any products that are important, but don’t sell that well and could be moved on a higher level of your pallet racking system;
  • Expand your warehouse – most warehouses are constructed so that they can be expanded easily. If there is no other solution, you can have a look at your options in terms of adding more space to your existing warehouse by adding the best quick and easily installed pallet racks Denver Colorado retailers offer. Another option is moving to a new, more spacious warehouse.