Tips for Staying Safe on Warehouse Equipment

Warehouses, even the ones that feature the best layout and are used with the right equipment, are places where large batches of products and pallets are moved all the time and where high-capacity material handling vehicles are being operated all the time. This also means that observing safety regulation strictly is essential for warehouse safety – here are some important aspects to bear in mind at all time while performing duties in warehouses:

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  • Observing weight limits – each forklift and material handling machine comes with limitations in terms of the weight that they can transport. Disregarding these limits can lead to very severe accidents as well as to the damage of the machine and to other material damage, so operating these machines with the weight limit in mind is essential; Make sure when you purchase used forklifts in Colorado, you also schedule specific safety training for that piece of equipment.
  • Always perform lifts safely – observing the regulations regarding the safe lifting techniques is also essential for warehouse safety;
  • Always check the technical condition of the material handling equipment – machines that are not fully functional and that lack the auditive and visual warning systems should never be used in warehouses;
  • Danger zones must be clearly delimited and marked;
  • Any cracks, pots and spills on the warehouse floor must be remedied in a timely manner to prevent slips and other accidents.