What are the Best Pallet Racking Types?

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Pallet racking systems offer solutions for storing various types of goods, from large packages to furniture, tires or insulating profiles. Pallet racks are suitable for any kind of goods and warehouses, regardless of the weight or dimensions required, so according to pallet racks Denver Colorado distributors, the best types depend on the particular needs of your business.

Types of pallet storage shelves

    Standard shelves

They are suitable for large spaces such as modern warehouses, various factories or production units, shopping centers or logistics and allow the storage of any type of palleted goods in horizontal rows, with multiple levels.

    Mobile shelves

Maximum use of storage volume, highly desirable for installations where the cost of space is high, or it is necessary to expand storage capacity while maintaining the same workspace. Mobile shelves are also very useful in cold storage or freezing rooms.

    Drive-in shelves

This type of industrial storage system allows the storage of goods at maximum capacity using the minimum space. It is particularly suitable for storing very large quantities of similar products.

    Push-back shelves

These shelves are an excellent solution for storing perishable goods, which require a perfect rotation. They consist of compact structures that incorporate roller or platform tracks, with a slight inclination that allows the pallets to slide. Gravity causes them to move at a controlled speed.

    Automated shelves

Assisted installation of an automatic forklift allows you to:

  • Automate operations
  • Add the speed of movement of goods
  • Eliminate errors

This type of pallet racking is ideal for working in tight spaces and at high altitudes (up to 30 meters).