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great prices on new and used pallet jacks in Denver CO

Pallet racking is a crucial aspect of your day to day warehouse operation. Great pallet racks should allow you to use your space and maximize efficiency. If you are a warehouse manager, you can use your pallet racking to stack, store, and hold large quantities of material on high shelving, much easier than other methods. If you are looking to organize your warehouse storage and make sure your space is clean, tidy, and operating efficiently, you should give us a call to see what new and used pallet racking options we have available for you. Make sure none of your inventory gets lost or misplaced with our expert material handling and facilities maintenance. You will increase the speed of your day to day operations and ensure pallet rack safety through a much faster pick up and put away speed all while creating flexible and dynamic storage space.


Because of how effective and useful it is, pallet racking is not cheap which is why we also offer a large selection of used pallet racking at incredibly low prices. We buy our used warehouse pallet racking from reliable sources to ensure that we are providing quality and superior product that will last you forever and not hurt your wallet. Call to take a look at our warehouse and see if there are new or used pallet racks that suit your companies needs. When shopping for used pallet racking, make sure that you do NOT buy directly from a business who is closing. Often times you will be given unfair pricing and you will not be receiving a quality product. We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to handling equipment and we offer many racking styles, pallet racking accessories, and conveyor systems that instantly increases storage for your company.

At Preferred Equipment Company, we offer competitive pricing on all of our new and used pallet racking and we are able to deliver, install, and set-up your pallet racks and pallet rack beams no matter the height or length, we can customize and get you set-up with the perfect racking situation. We will make sure that your storage solution is delivered where you want it when you want it.   

Quality Pallet Racks for Businesses in Denver

Warehouse pallet racking is most commonly made of stainless steel, which is naturally durable, meaning there is no risk in purchasing used pallet racks as long as there is no rust or possible exposure to moisture. We inspect the rack beam, pallet rack decking, rack protectors, cross beams, and storage density to make sure that when you buy it from us, your row of pallets is as good as new.

At Preferred Equipment, you are buying from a reliable dealer who understands the impact that rust and poor quality racking can have on the lifespan of your pallet rack shelving. That is why we make sure that when we are buying used pallet racking, we check for rust, exposure to moisture, and many other factors that go into the strength and quality of your rack structure. Our specialty is buying and selling used warehouse racking which means we are experts in judging the quality, condition, and pricing of all different types of racking. We are your one-stop-shop to outfit your warehouse storage with the gear and equipment you need to run your business the best you possibly can. Give us a call and get advice on the right type of pallet racking for your situation.

Check out our catalog for a complete buying guide and get some amazing industrial storage options in your shopping cart today. We have a diverse group of industries served in the past so no matter what your company does, your storage will be taken care of.

Our services and products range from wire decks and wire mesh to cantilever racking and rivet shelving. There are all sorts of options for your unique situation that we can help you strategically pick and choose which structural pallet rack will be best suited to you. Pallet rack wire decking can be hard to come by if you aren’t shopping with a qualified dealer, you may end up with low quality steel that has been compromised by weather. Ask us for advice on which of our products may be a good pallet rack starter set-up and appropriate dock equipment for your company.

Here is a more complete list of all of our pallet racking products:

  • Wire Decks

  • Wire Mesh

  • Cantilever Racking

  • Storage racking

  • Wire Mesh Decking

  • Pallet Rack Systems Denver

  • Palletized Storage

  • Rivet Shelving

  • Rack Frames

  • Steel Shelving

  • Push Back Racking

  • Step Beams

and much more!