Best Practices for Disposing of Pallet Racks in Denver Colorado

The easiest way of getting rid of old and unnecessary pallet racks in Denver, Colorado, is to sell them. There are many companies that buy scrap metal and you can easily find them through the internet or even your local classified ads. You can get some money out of doing so and solve your problem of disposing of the pallet racks, but scrapping them  may add to the world’s already too many ecological problems, and you might prefer not to do that.

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Another, safer option for disposing of pallet racks in Denver, Colorado, is to get in touch with companies that buy and sell second-hand pallet racks or deal in rack removal. They are usually easy to find and can come to your warehouse and get them off of your hands. What usually happens is that they send an experienced industrial shelving Colorado assessor in order to see the state of the racks. If they like what they see, you can end up making some good money too, and you’ll also save a lot of time and effort since their experts will be handling the dismantling and removal. And, of course, you can also rest assured that the racks will be used in an environmentally friendly way.

How Should I Dismantle My Warehouse Pallet Racking?

In mostly any warehouse there comes a time when you need to dismantle your pallet racking. The reason may be the fact that you are actually re-locating your operation, updating your equipment, replacing damaged items, and so on. In case you decide to dismantle it, you need to make sure you are following the health and safety requirements for your specific region.

Health and safety regulations aim at creating a safe and healthy work environment for all employees at all times, including when you need to do this specific kind of work. Before starting the operation, you need to make sure that your personnel has the necessary skills and training for this type of work, and that you have all the necessary devices and equipment at your disposal.

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You also need to remember the fact that your pallet racking is insured, and therefore subject to statutory inspections made by a qualified authority. Therefore, you need to work with industrial shelving Colorado pros and make sure you are still fulfilling the requirements of certain insurance policies while dismantling and relocating your warehouse pallet racking system.

In order to obtain the best results and keep your business safe, you should hire competent contractors for this often delicate kind of work.