Are Your Forklifts Being Inspected Often Enough?

Regular inspections and maintenance are essential for keeping your forklift in good working condition – without proper maintenance, your forklift will become unsafe to use and it might also break down with a major fault that is not only premature, but also very expensive.

Forklift maintenance is a complex and continuous process that involves more than just regular visits by a used forklifts Denver service technician. The driver or drivers of the forklift need to inspect their vehicle each time before they start their shift, making sure that all the major systems of the equipment, including the brakes, the steering, the lights and the alarm system, are in proper working condition. Any fault, even small, seemingly insignificant ones, can render the machine unsafe to use, so instant repair needs to be ordered right after noticing a fault. The forklift must also be inspected professionally at least once a month – the service technician hired for the job must check and top up the oil and the battery and needs to inspect the major systems of the machine. If the technician notices any fault during these routine inspections, a label or sign needs to be put on the forklift to inform employees that the machine should not be used until the repair is complete.

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