Understanding Pallet Rack Frame Capacity – What You Should Really Know

Pallet racks are very efficient and practical when it comes to the flow of your business, and most businesses have been using them successfully for many years. However, there are some details that many people don’t really know about pallet racks, including the pivotal importance of their frame capacity.

As you might know, pallet racks use an ingenious frame and rack system that allows your workers to always keep the oldest crates or boxes closest to the place where they have to exit the rack. This is based on the FIFO (first in first out) concept that continues to be used by many companies, especially those producing or handling perishables that have an expiration date.

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Now, depending on the products you load onto your pallet racks, there is a possibility that the entire rack can fail and come crashing down. Businesses that sell used shelving in Denver corroborate that this is not only a concern when it comes to the money you might lose and the products that could be destroyed, but also when it comes to the injuries and possible life loss of your employees.

For safety purposes, it is extremely crucial that company owners ascertain how heavy the individual and collective loads of crates or boxes can be when they are supported by the pallet racks they use. The pallet rack frame capacity will tell you exactly how much weight can be supported, so you can organize your goods accordingly and make sure that you always remain below that value to avoid any unwanted accidents.

New Year, New Equipment: Should You Consider Updating Your Old Warehouse Equipment?

Let’s face it, even the best warehouse equipment gets old over time. Pallet racks don’t hold as much weight as they used to, forklifts need more maintenance and more frequent repairs, and even structural elements of your warehouse, such as the climate control system, could need to be replaced from time to time.

As a result, an obvious reason why you might want to update your old warehouse equipment is because of wear and tear. While this is sometimes just a general precaution that some companies consider optional, it can also be a crucial safety measure, depending on how you handle your operations. Sensitive items can be damaged more frequently, for example, if the pallet racks fail and boxes fall on the floor, not to mention the frightening safety hazards that a flimsy, older pallet rack system might present.

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Additionally, replacing or upgrading used shelving Denver warehouse equipment during the new year can give you an opportunity to buy better, longer lasting and more robust racks and tools. Depending on how old each piece of equipment or rack might be and what is currently available on the market, you might want to look into the issue a little more deeply and think about selective upgrading to save money and ensure that all your equipment is up to code according to the highest industry standards.

The Most Effective & Efficient Way to Organize Your Warehouse

Often, small companies are forced to organize their warehouses, without having among their human capital people trained or specialized in optimizing warehouses or improving productivity. It also happens that, occasionally, these are companies that fail to contract an external logistics consulting service.

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Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of organizing your warehouse efficiently.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the amount of products you will have in your warehouse, their weight, volumes and size. All these physical characteristics will determine the size of the warehouse your company needs, as well as certain organizing practices you will have to consider.

In addition to this information, there is another important aspect that must be taken into account: the rotation and sale of each product and the product categories. All these will define the place where each product is stored. Obviously, products that are very popular and sold easily must be accessible to customers. Rotating products, so that the customer has quick access to them, translate into time savings that also have a positive economic impact.

If you are thinking of replacing the shelves in your warehouse, used shelving Denver liquidators suggest that you need to choose models (like pallet racks) that allow you to perform operations with higher productivity.

Save a Lot of Money in Your Warehouse Design by Considering Used Shelving

We live in a period when cutting costs has become very important for companies, if they don’t want to be affected by upcoming economic problems. If you want your warehouse to be practical, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, then consider buying used shelving to keep your storage organized on a lower budget.

The appeal of used shelving is quite impressive:

  1. It’s very affordable, so you can fill up your warehouse or storehouse with shelves without worrying about the cost.
  2. Used shelving Denver installers will tell you that the right kind of used shelving is also easy to repair and fortify. If the shelves you buy are old, you can have a technician check them for structural damage, enhance their structure with durable materials, and establish an accurate weight limit that will keep your employees entirely safe.
  3. Your warehouse doesn’t have to look impressive. As long as your shelving does its work, your productivity will not be affected if you buy lower-cost, used shelves, as opposed to sleek, new shelving.

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The amount of money you can save by choosing used shelving might be a lot more than you’d assume. Depending on the size of your warehouse and the specific features and weight limits of your shelves, you might find the amount to be more than satisfactory.

Tips to Warehouse Organization

One of the most important aspects that you must consider for a better organization is the quantity of products that you will have in your warehouse, their weight, volumes and size. All these physical characteristics will determine the size of the warehouse your company will need. There are different storage needs for bulky and heavy products than for smaller and lightweight products, and they are also handled differently.

Another important aspect is the rotation and sale of each product or the categories of products that will define the place where they are. Thus, the products that are sold the most must be located in a place very accessible to customers. This improvement generates an increase in productivity, because customers will have much faster access to the goods they are interested in. Time savings always have a positive economic impact.

Update used shelving Denver warehouse storage methods with more efficient types of shelving can also make things more organized; you must choose updated shelving according to the goods you store that will allow you to perform operations with higher productivity.

Preferred Equipment - warehouse management

If your storage space is very large, you may also need to consider a warehouse management system. It is a tool that many companies purchase for reorganizing their storage space and optimizing operations, because it helps employees to orient themselves better while carrying out various activities in the warehouse.


The Most Common Types of Pallet Racking Systems

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Using pallet racks is the most space-efficient way to store goods in a warehouse, a system that allows for varied arrangements and can be easily adapted to special needs. Here are some of the most common pallet racking used shelving Denver retailers offer to choose from:

  • Cantilever racking – this type of systems consists of long arms protruding from a sturdy metal frame and are mostly used for the storage of long items, such as timber, pipes and rods. These systems lack the front column, which allows easy access to the goods on the racks;
  • Drive-in systems – this type of pallet racking systems is great for saving floor space in warehouses that use last-in/first-out rotation. The system is great for warehouses that use forklifts for moving the goods and need fewer, but wider aisles;
  • Pallet flow racking – ideal for first-in/first-out systems, pallet flow racking is mostly used in warehouses that need multiple order picking levels and it works through goods stored at the higher end and removed from the lower end;
  • Selective pallet racking – all the pallets in this system are accessed from the aisles. The system allows for direct access to each pallet and it comes with the additional benefit of very easy installation.

The Best Places to Look for Used Warehouse Shelving

Replacing your old, weakened warehouse shelving or getting the right shelves for your new warehouse is an expensive process. Fortunately, warehouse racking can endure a lot, so used shelving, in most cases, is just as durable as new shelve systems.

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Here is where you can find the most affordable used shelving Denver has for your warehouse:

  • The companies that replace their old shelves – most companies do not replace their old shelves because the shelves are damaged, but because their needs have changed. When they replace their shelving system, they will be happy to know that they don’t need to arrange for the disposal or the storage of their old shelves and they will be more than happy to sell their used shelves to you;
  • The platforms on which companies can buy and sell used warehouse equipment – these platforms are great for finding not only shelving, but any type of used warehouse equipment or material handling solutions;
  • The companies that sell new shelves – though selling used items is usually not among the principal activities of these companies, most of them can help you find the sellers that do, they can recommend you the right platforms to use or they know about companies that are in the process of replacing their warehouse shelving systems.

What Equipment do you Need to Set up a Warehouse

finding inexpensive used shelving Denver options are a great way to keep expenses lower when setting up a warehouse

Warehouses are primarily about storage. They can be very diverse, ranging from small stocking rooms to large storage areas for big businesses. Warehouses also differ in terms of functionality, so the type of equipment needed can also be quite different.

Here are a few general categories of equipment you should consider when setting up your warehouse:

Storage Systems

  • Pallet Racks
  • Storage systems for inventory placed on pallets
  • Cantilever Racks
  • Flow Racks
  • Additional specialty racks
  • The best way to keep storage system expenses lower, is to look for inexpensive used shelving Denver options online.

Lift Equipment

  • Forklifts
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Hand trucks
  • Service Carts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Additional lifting and transporting equipment for inventory and employees

Dock Equipment

  • Dock Plates & Dock Boards
  • Edge-of-Dock Levelers
  • Yard Ramps
  • Dump Hoppers
  • Additional equipment for better loading dock capabilities


  • Flexible Conveyor
  • Gravity Conveyor
  • Power Conveyor
  • Lifts & Carousels

Facility Accessories

  • In-Plant Offices
  • Mezzanines
  • Rolling Ladders
  • Security Cages
  • Additional equipment to improve your warehouse

Bins & Containers

  • Bins
  • Bulk Boxes
  • Totes
  • Wire Mesh Baskets

Packaging Equipment

  • Industrial Scales
  • Strapping & Banding Equipment
  • Stretch Wrap Machines
  • Packing Tables
  • Additional equipment for getting products ready to be shipped

There is much more warehouse equipment than what we have mentioned here, but these are just some general suggestions that can drive some force behind your business.



How Pallet Racking can Help Increase Warehouse Productivity

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Pallet racks are among the most used types of shelves in the field of warehousing, and this because they offer many benefits that increase warehouse productivity.

Sustainability is the most important advantage pallet racking brings and it also translates into financial savings. In order to enjoy this benefit, it is important to purchase high-quality shelves directly from manufacturers, because there are also many counterfeit products available on the market and one can never be sure of their quality. Another cost effective idea is to find affordable used shelving Denver liquidation warehouse equipment sales.

The more efficient use of the available storage space is another advantage offered by the use of pallet shelves. This is due to the fact that more space is used vertically, which means that this type of shelving really shows its usefulness in a warehouse where the storage area is not too large.

The adaptability of pallet racking is another advantage that you will enjoy if you choose to purchase this type of shelves for your warehouse, and it refers to the fact that the dimensions of the pallet shelves can be changed according to different needs.

Not least, the quality-price ratio cannot be ignored, which is another reason why pallet racking is a great choice.