How Do You Choose a Pallet Racking Product for Your Warehouse?

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The two main types of pallet racks are structural and roll form pallet racks. These two systems are most commonly in use today, and depending on the specific requirements you have for your racks, you could choose either one of them.

Structural racks are typically sturdier. As the name suggests, the horizontal beams are actually structurally attached to the structure through the use of strong bolts. Bolt fixings still allow for some measure of control over the weight bearing capabilities and the adjustability of the shelving, even if it doesn’t come up to par with that of a roll form pallet rack system.

Roll form pallet racks Denver Colorado providers confirm that these systems are designed with load beams that are simply held in place with mounting clips, and they hold all the pallets. This design is less structurally sound, so it can bear lesser weight. However, when you have to re-purpose or move the shelves, then it will prove to be far more adjustable and easy to manage than a typical structural pallet rack.

The choice of which one to use will, of course, depend on what you need your shelving for. When you’re using larger shelves and holding heavier crates, then a structural pallet system is probably ideal. However, when you need to move shelves at a moment’s notice and the goods you store aren’t too heavy, then a common roll form pallet system will suffice.